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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy weekend!
Allright, gang, ready for the next leg of the Tigress Room TOur? I'd make you all shirts, but you know on the back of shirts where they put the cities the band's been too? Mine would probably just say:


So that might not be such a good investment.

In the meantime, after the room tour is up, I'll put up the Senior Prom 2005 tour. Oh, and I also rented Scrubs and The Brak Show from Blockbuster. After about 5 episodes of the Brak show, I was pretty much worn out, but Scrubs was AWESOME. EVERYONE should watch it. I only had a chance to watch one volume, but there was a funny Star Wars thing in it. Wait, what am I talking about, the whole thing was funny! Except at the serious parts, but those were well-written too. What a great show! *bubbles inside*

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Ok, so this be my mad cool wall calendar. It has a wicked awesome dragon this month, but it's by the same guy that does all the art for the Pern books by Anne McCaffery. His name is Michael Whelan, if you want to check out his site, aspiring artists. Some VERY cool stuff there, I promise you.

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This is the big wall. I know that's a Matrix Reloaded poster, and the movie wasn't superb, but I thought it was done really cool-ly. And the tagline is "How Far Down Does the Rabbit Hole Go?" which, face it, is just an awesome tagline. The Spidey 2 and Goldmember posters were gifts. The Aragorn poster I got a Target for like, 5 bucks, and that hot, oversized Legolas poster I got at allposters.com for TWO FRIGGIN BUCKS! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT?! Yeah, it is. You know it!

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Here's the bed under the posters. I pretty much use it as an extra shelf. That's why Lappy's on it. I pretty much just use Lappy for anime now, and Compy for anything else, though. Compy's in a different room, cause there's no space for Compy in my room, as you can plainly see.

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That is my fav window (it's very green outside, you'll see. Lot's of foliage, I love it. It smells nice after it rains). The cards stuck in the window are all b-day and X-mas cards from my friends here at the mO or overseas. The fish mobile is made of wood, and it was a b-day present from my aunt about 4 years ago. It's fun to play with, but I always run into it by accident. It's hanging from the AC vent in the cieling.

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Past the window is a bunch of tiger pics (naturally). I take old tiger wall calendars, and cover empty space on my walls with them. One time I was REALLY bored, and went around and named ALL the tigers on the pictures. Also there are various trophies and awards, mostly from soccer, but there are a few from B-ball, academia, and my "Most Improved Marcher" from band in 9th Grade. That cool lizard pic is something I drew in 5th grade.

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Random figureines from Childhood.

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My mom got so sick of there being no room on my bed for me because of all the stuffed animals, she bought a shelf and loaded them all on it. The headband that's on the white tiger on top used to be on one of my many Tiggers. I got it from a b-day party my bro had at his Tae Kwan Do dojo before he quit by 7th grade. The quitter. The tiger next to him has a beanie from my track & field days. But yeah, if you still haven't been convinced that tigers are my favorite animals (which I VERY much doubt), there's only more to come.

Hope everyone had or is having a great weekend! Toodeloo!

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