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Friday, December 7, 2007

December already? Crap, finals are next week!
So first and foremost, a very big thank you for all the birthday wishes, and to others for plugging my birthday on your sites. You guys are great friends.

Secondly, I have some new comics up in the fan manga section both here, and also on my Deviant Art account (link in my profile, there's a button). Two have to do with Pokemon, one with The Birds. Thanks to SomeGuy who plugged my Pokemon one, glad you liked it so much.

So, for my birthday, SomeGuy sent me a WONDERFUL copy of The Seven Samurai, as I've never seen it all the way though, and I do need more "classics" in my DVD collection. Duorocks17 sent me some AWESOME Jin and Mugen shotglasses. Course, I still don't like alcohol a hell of alot, so I don't really plan on drinking from then, but hot damn they are awesome.

For my birthday, my parents gave me an obscene amount of money, so Duorocks17 (and perhaps Schultzie and SomeGuy) are taking a trip to Anime North in Toronto in May, to visit Enin and to have a hell of a time. I got the idea today that we should do a panel for TheOtaku.com, not just walk around like we're the elite members of a super secret club.

Which we are.

Haha, just kidding. Or am I? You'll never know. But this is cool, cause I've never met any of MyO friends, even though Snow Fox literally lived 15 minutes away from me in HS (*hits head* stupid me, stupid me) and Shanny lives across the river. So this will be awesome, I already know.

We plan on cosplaying Legends of the Hidden Temple contestants, as it's a costume everyone can do, and it's realtively cheap. I even plan on making a silver monkey that in photos we will not be able to put together.

Worst Attempt at the Shrine of the Silver Monkey EVER. Now you see what I mean.

Also, everyone should go watch the Speed Racer trailer RIGHT NOW. It's amazing. It sounds like a horrible concept (though not quite as horrible as the DBZ movie is shaping up to be), but it really is awesome, and the style is very original. I'd say the Wachowski brothers have a winner judging by what I've seen so far.


Don't believe me? With your foot on the pedal, race towards the end of the Earth, youth is on your side, and go check it out for yourself as your hand-woven scarf flutters in the wind.

Take it easy.

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