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Sunday, October 14, 2007

As Hisagi would say...
"Ahhh, this game cheats! And what the hell is up with this controller? My arm feels like water!"

Just one of the extra sounds you can purchase with your infinite money in Bleach: Shattered Blade.

So I bought this game yesterday (along with my copy of Stephen Colbert's I Am America And So CAn You) and played it about 7 hours today. My arm feels like jello. Is it a good game? Meh. It's about what you'd expect from an anime game. It stays true to the plot, however. I'm very thankful for that. Damn, does it feel good to use Hitsugaya's bankai, as well as loads of other people's. Can't get that two-touch thing of Soi Fon's going, though. That's hard.

Shit, that thing is hard to aim.

Another thing I like about the game is the unedited language. For instance, whenever Renji or Ichigo loose, they scream "Damn iiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!" And when Komamura uses his bankai, he screams "Burn in Hell!"

There's nothing I enjoy more than a giant fox-man telling me what I should do with my blasphemous life.

So anyway, the game play's a bit...wonky. Course, anything with a Wiimote that's not Wii Sports or Cooking Mama is a bit wonky. YOu can only play it for a few hours at a time, and the episode modes are really short. However, the artists did original artwork and story lines for the game which adds a nice bit of originality. As far as fighting games go, it's not that good. However, it is one of the only fighting games currently for the Wii, and seeing as how Brawl was delayed for another 2 months (but YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, SONIC!), I just went with it and bought this one. As a huge fan of the series, it's pretty cool, but it's not the same as Smash Brothers, Soul Calibur, or any other sweet-ass fighting game you can get on another system. There simply aren't enough controls on a Wiimote.

How can you fuckin loose with this guy? He's a rodent who's super fast and bigger than the Hero of Time. It's just not possible.

Other than that, just reading my Colbert book (that's another thing you can only digest in small chunks, as the humor takes a toll on your brain after a while). But it does make for some good quotes:

"Of course, just because Jesus replaces the Old Testament doesn't mean you should necessarily skip it. That would be like skipping Batman & Robin just because the story starts over in Batman Begins. The important thing to realize is that both the old and the new stories are about an all-powerful being trying to rid the world of evildoers, only in the new one The Batman can eat pork."

"Plus, a whole bunch of magical beings based in different parts of nature? That's not a religion, that's Pokemon. Which shows how Shinto hooks you-once you've prayed to a few spirits, you've 'gotta catch 'em all!'"

Stephen told me to tell you to buy it, as those of us with our own copies are under a contract to not lend it out. This is not a nation of card-carrying library card-carriers, as he would say. There are no free rides. All rides cost money.

Take it easy everyone! Go Bengals! Go Skins!


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