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Friday, September 21, 2007


Wow, after 3 papers and multiple HW assignments in 2 days, I'm around to update on time today! And a funny song on my satellite radio just kicked in that totally involves Spanish, and jazz flute. I'm ALL THERE.

So I've been steadily chugging through Arrested Development. I knew this show was good, but I had no idea HOW good. It's quickly become my favorite...sitcom? It's not really...comedy, I spose from the past few years, anyway. I probably didn't watch it before, because I don't really watch anything on Fox. No, not even House. On a regular basis anyway. I catch the reruns on USA. But they're all gone now, aren't they?

Hot damn, Foreman, I love you.

Avatar premieres TONIGHT. WATCH IT.

Not much else to say. Classes are going ok. We finally finished Citizen Kane in film class. That movie was good! Although, I don't think many of you youngins would appreciate it.

Well, just wanted to give you all a quick update, before another Tommy Lee-Kid Rock fight breaks out. Course, I'm siding with Kid Rock. He seems like a generally cool guy, and Tommy Lee's an ass, everyone knows it.

Sides, Kid Rock is in the Rockstar video and has a cool wink! Plus, he's got a new song. Course, it's very inappropriate...hehe.

Hope everyone's doing well. Damn, I wish I had something...I dunno, more substantial to say. I guess I'll wait till the weekend for that.

And speaking of weekend, Bengals better score a win. And if you're a Steeler's fan, get out of here. You guys are so conceited, you don't you've lost even when the winners take your terrible towels and bitch slap you in the face with them.

Sorry. Regardless, I'll still be your friend, cause you like football.

Well, have a great Friday everyone!


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