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Monday, September 3, 2007

Red's back and Bitchin'!

So after a week of no internet access and a sloppy, lazy-ass school IT team that didn't help me in the SLIGHTEST, I'm back in biz.

Things I've changed about myself since you last heard from me:
1. I'm now an English major and have sworn off the Spanish department.
2. I am taking Chinese, and Wo jiao Ge Aili (that's my Chinese name) and wo zai CNU xuexu Hanyu. Yeah, bitches.
3. There's a mouse that lives in our dorm kitchen. It's name is Roger. I didn't pick it.
4. I have a Wii. And am a Wii surgeon on Trauma Center. I have the Healing Touch!
5. All my shows start the week of the 24th. I will watch them in this order:
HeroesCSIMiamiCSYNYCSIStargateAtlantis. On a side note, Atlantis is gonna have Kaylee from Firefly!

That's it until I get a better update going. Hope everyone's just peachy!


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