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Thursday, May 31, 2007

There and back again!
Well, for those of you who don't know, I just got back from Costa Rica on monday. I was attending a two week class for school there, where we learned about the country and toured all over the place. It was really fun. I did everything from horseback riding to zipline-ing over two miles of lines, to seeing wild crocodiles up close! Here's a short video I took of one:

If you'd like to see more scenery pics, you can visit my DA page, there's a link in my intro. There's a good picture of the croc that's there too.

I had a great time, and I really learned alot about the country and the culture. Now I have to write a paper about it. But on to less boring things.

I missed alot over the two weeks, the least of which were POTC3 (saw it yesterday) and a bunch of season finales. I saw the CSI:NY one, but not Heroes yet. Lemme just say, the CSI:NY one rocked, because how many times to you see coroners hold Irish drug lords hostage with bone saws? Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Yup, this guy right here. Held a bone saw to a guy's neck. It was great.

That was probably the best episode of any CSI I've ever seen. Not necessarily in terms of story, but in terms of sheer ridiculous action. I mean, Gary Sinese rigged a bomb to explode off some guy, and he's supposed to be an ex-marine cop for Pete's sake!

What it essentially boils down to is you don't fuck with Lt. Dan in any form.

Other than that, I bought and watched all of Season 2 of the Venture Brothers. The episode where they meet the crazy Scooby Doo gang (er, Groovy Doo) and Fred basically keeps Daphne locked in a box, Velma's a lesbian, and Shaggy is high and as got some brain damage was one of my favs. Course, the one where they find crazy, old Johnny Quest in a submarine was neat too.

That's some of the DVD art right there. Classic stuff.

I also saw Timberwolf won the Guru contest, which is pretty cool. She had a really nice lookin quiz, although i admit I had no idea what it was in reference to. So, kudos to her, that's a totally sweet prize she got. I didn't really expect mine to win, as it was awfully one sided (I think like, 50% of people get "You are Chad and his Inability to Show Emotion"), so I'll try to avoid that in the future. Course, I just like my quiz cause I think it's funny, and cause it'd doesn't ask the farkin' color question, and doesn't give all emoticons as answers for some categories. I can tell you write now, if your quiz banks on emoticons, colors, or has a question saying "did you like this quiz", I will not only refuse to take it, I will hit you over the skull with your sorry ass excuse for keyboard.

Consider yourself warned.

More about Costa Rica later, as SomeGuy's traveling posts put me to shame...

Well, hope everyone's doing well. If you're outta school, kudos, if you're not, good luck in exams and the like. Take it easy, everybody!

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