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Friday, April 13, 2007

Bleach 121!

Man, good thing I changed my theme yesterday, cause Bleach 121 was ROCKIN! Yeah, it was a pretty awesome battle finisher.And we got to see Tousen's new schtick!

Other than that, there were new openings and closeings (both of which I approve of, espceially the end cause it had everyone in "normal" clothes), and the animation looked not only different, but better. It was like they put more effort into little subtilties like breathing, movement, and some newer angles, especially when Grimmjow was beatin on Ichigo. I do not like that guy. At least Renji's ok, he's my fav! He had an awesome finisher, but he almost didn't make it.

Nothin much else happened. Watched a new CSI. It was pretty cool, cause it was all from the point of view of the "Lab Rats" and had this funny scene in which all the good shit happened to Hodges. I liked it alot. AND they found the connection between the miniatures, which oddly enough was BLEACH, which I was watching between commercial breaks. haha, it's all relative. So anyways, if you're not caught up on Bleach (*cough*SOMEGUY*cough) you should really get your ass in gear. Especially when people start cosplaying Arrancar and you're left in the dark. But the new opening was cool cause you get to see an upgrade of some people's powers, like Chad's and Ishida's.

Oh, and thank you Darke, once again for your gift art. I love it!

New Naruto aired tonight in Japan. I think it was a special 1-hour episode. So that means the fansubs will probably be around in a few days. I look forward to that as well, as I want to see what happens to Kankuro. And Gaara, of course. What a kid, that Gaara. Also, I want to see some other shinobi post-time gap! Kiba and huge-ass Akamaru anyone?

I played Akamaru in a PS2 version of a Naruto game (I forget which one, there's so many) against 3 guys that have played before, one of which owned the game, and kept kicking all their asses. Akamaru by himself is so small, he's like impossible to hit. So, there's a pointer if any of you play those Naruto games...they're almost as numerous as DBZ games.

Also, elections are next week for our anime club. Me and another girl are both running for secretary and VP, so if one gets one position, the other one can have the other. I personally want the position of VP, because the pres is pretty passive aggressive and needs someone to boss him around, which I think I can do pretty well. Also the other girl, while she's one of my good friends, is very shy and quiet, so I don't know how well she could do that. But anyways, wish me luck!

Hope everyone has an AWESOME Friday, I know I will, as it's THE RETURN OF STARGATE! I watched two episodes today to prepare and hung around a fansite for a while. Toodles!

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