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Thursday, April 12, 2007

This month's theme is...

Could you guess? I bet you could if you tried really, really hard!

Haha, jk. I know you guys couldn't guess the theme. I'm not sure what it is myself.

Um, anyways...I watched Apocalypto today for Spanish class. It's a pretty good movie, full of action, but very, very bloody. And also very historically inaccurate. I'm a Spanish major, and I'm taking a Latin American Culture class this semester, so we've talked about specifics. I won't bore you with details. Suffice to say the Mayans weren't obsessed with human sacrifice like they're portrayed to be in the movie. They were probably the most advanced culture in the western hemisphere at the time. Um, if you want more specific details, I guess you can Wiki, or PM me, or leave a comment...if you care that much. But anyways, it's a bit long for some people (two hours), but I thought it was pretty cool. Especially when a jaguar ripped a guy's face off. There were some weird points, though of course. The main dude, Jaguar Paw, got shot with arrows 2 or 3 times and kept on truckin. We were all saying he was like Rambo of the jungle. Or something. He also jumped off a waterfall.

I'm also working on another quiz. I'll probably submit it tomorrow at some point. I have fun making them! Also, I like to use silly ideas. But I won't tell you what I'm doing yet!

Hmm, any other interesting news from today? Mmmmmmm, nope, not really. Although, I did get my first AnimeUSA Con newsletter of the year which is somewhat exciting. They're moving out of Tysons in Northern VA to Arlington. I hung out with Vicky last year, and it'd be cool to meet other Otaku who are going, like SomeGuy did at SakuraCon. Also, I FULLY INTEND to attend the Bleach photshoot this year as Renji. I got trapped in the really bad cosplay show last year and couldn't escape. -_-;

Oh yeah! I learned two new things this week! First, ever wonder why anime always has like, J-Pop songs as openings and endings? (If you already know, don't say anything! This is my special time!) It's cause since there are less commercials, artists don't get as much advertising space as they do in other countries, so their songs get advertised during the show!

The other thing I learned is what Yaoi stands for. No, it's not the sound that is made, like certain people on a certain Otaku podcast seem to think, lol. It stands for YAmanashi-Ochinashi-Iminashi, or "No climax, no conclusion, no meaning, but only a never-ending description of homosexual intercourse". I'm not sure if that description part is part of the definition, but it was in the article I have, and it sounds reasonable. There, I betcha didn't know that!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday! Ooh, that reminds me, new CSI tonight! Will they catch the Miniature Killer? Will Sarah stop having dopey love scenes with Grissom? WHO KNOWS?

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