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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pimp My Ride...Geek Style!
So I ordered these bumberstickers about a month and a half ago, and they finally got here today! So of course, I got pics!

From Spaceballs.

I guess there's some people who think it's too geeky to ride around with geek bumperstickers in public...

Speaking of which, I'm also looking into getting a Harry Potter license plate. Probably "GRFNDR7", even though I was proud of my ridiculous spelling for "Exspelliarmus" as "XSPLRMS". "FAWKES7" is good, too. I dunno, choices that didn't have numbers were limited. Although, no one in Virginia has "PTRNUS"

So let's see, some anime I've gotten into since I last posted...
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! Most excellent! I downloaded all that music including that fake, tone death song they made for their "movie". It's so ridiculous, but it's one of the things I play "loud and proud" in the car. My other otaku friends think it's ridiculously funny.

Oh, I don't think I've really introduced my car, since I've been away so long. It's a red Toyota Rav-4, 2006, and it still smells new, and i keep he inside DEATHLY clean, which is more than I do for most other things I own. It's hard to keep the outside clean, cause there's so much pollen down here, it tends to turn yellow. Anyways, it's name is FIREFLY, both because it's red, and as homage to the show.

Anyway, the other anime I really got into was Fullmetal Panic. We're watching it now in the club, and I love it! I'm normally not into mecha stuff, but they do a good job of blending alot of things in the show. I've seen a few eps of Fumoffu before, but I like the original much better.

I also picked up a Korean manga in the book store, just cause it had a pretty cover (I'm a sucker for shit like that) called Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun...the Korean names are a little hard to keep straigh, but it's basically a historical epic action manga, so you know, it's got allusions to actual figures in Korean history. If you're looking to get into manga that's not Japanese, this is a good place to start. Or if you're looking to pick up another historical epic action manga...

(See, I told you, isn't the cover pretty?)

Other than that, I've just been doing school work. And making fanart and quizzes. I made those quizzes before I found out there was a contest, lol. I didn't realize the format was new either, cause I've never submitted a quiz before. So I was going through and was like "Wow, this is such a nice format. Why did I never do this before?" well, now I know. And it is a beautiful job of formatting. So, run along children, and make quizzes!

Tee tee for then, ta ta for now!

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