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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That's right! I actually uploaded fan art for the first time in about a year and a half on the site, and you can see the improvements, if I do say so myself.

I also made my first quizzes over the weekend, the first one being "What Zelda Weapon Are You?" I had fun making it, so last night/this morning, I made another one called "What Bleach Character and Their Personality Problem Are You?" course, I could only fit in "Personality Problem", but it's in the category of Bleach, so I'm sure you'll find it. Unfortunately, I could only make 6 results. Also, the jokes are more for older kids and adults, so I think alot of the youngins (no offense, kids) might not get it, because they kinda expect more of a "What Character Are You?". The quiz really isn't to gauge your personality, but it's more to make fun of the show. I mean, I think it's funny, and a few others I've shown it to think it's funny, but judging by the accuracy (approval) rate, it's obvious there's alot of people that don't really get it.

So anyways, I uplaoded two SamCham fanarts I've had sitting around for a while, and two Renji bankai fanart's that I actually made in two days. I was on a real Renji kick, I spose. If you want to see more of my art that's not anime-related, feel free to check out my DeviantArt site. I think there's a list in my intro.

I'm also very excited, as this Friday marks new Stargate Episodes since like, early November. I'm basically throwing my social life away once again to be in the presence of hot men and kick-ass aliens for two hours every Friday night.

Nothing much else going on, except school. Although my anime vampire paper is coming along very nicely. I ended up writing about 3 pages on Hellsing alone. Still got more to write about Blood+ and Vampire Hunter D, and maybe a smidgen of Vampire Princess Miyu or whatever her name is.

Hope everyone had a good weekend (or Easter if you celebrate it. I...don't anymore).

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