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Monday, February 21, 2005

   Happy President's Day! And if you're Canadian or have a hurricane make-up...sucks for you!

Yes, today is the day Americans get off from school and government jobs to celebrate our proverbial father's like, 300th-something birthday. I shoulda made a cake. Oh well. I have microwaveable pizza and Weight Watchers cheesecake, I'll be ok.

My good friend Duo, aka Sunny D, introduced me to some mighty fine Internet listening last night. Japan-A-Radio. It's pretty cool stuff, and all the labels are in English, so I actually know what the songs are called. It's pretty schweet.

Haha, I watched Ellen today. Man, I love that show. She shaved Ray Ramano's stubble today. So funny. Man, I would kill for her job.

Other than that, not much else going on. Well, except my latest rant.

This friend's list thing...just cause you visited my site once, doesn't mean I'm gonna add you, or just because you added me doesn't necessarily mean I'll do the same. This has turned into a popularity contest, i.e. "Look how many friends I have on MY list!" I look at it like friendship has to be earned, and that shouldn't be any different just cause you're on the Internet. Ok, muchacho? So if you're not happy with how I run my friends list, get over yourself.

Sorry if I've seemed increasingly hostile towards this sorta stuff in the past few days, but it's been bugging me FOREVER, and I had to just get it out there.

Austin Powers was obviously on "It's Been A While Week" cause you know, he was frozen for what, 30 years?

"While we're in Virginia let's stop by Fort Knox. I'll fly a helicopter through the lobby and land right inside the vault. And it would be a hell of a lot easier than breaking into the goddamn CIA."

That might be a little harder to guess why it's part of "It's Been A While" week, but if you know, don't hesitate to say it. So long, everyone!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005


If you're wondering about the title of the post, it's from the Peasant's Quest trailor on Home Star Runner.com. If you've never been to that site, what the Hell's wrong with you?

So anyways, my college stay was loads of fun. The person I stayed with was a bit of a homophobic, but I didn't hold that against her, cause other than that, she was really nice. We kept sneaking off campus in her truck to go buy cookies and rent movies and stuff. I got to see The Incredibles, which was cool, cause I'd never seen it before. The campus theater was really packed, though. We had to sit on the floor in the back. And then when we got back to her place, we played alot of MarioKart and we watched Wicker Park. Lemme just tell you, that is a STRANGE movie. It's a wee bit creepy, too. But I like Matthew Lillard. I think he gets a bad rep, being in some pretty questionable movies (i.e. Scooby Doo and Without A Paddle). But he and Josh Hartnett were good, I spose. But day-um, that was a weird movie.

Anyways, the next day, we watched some presentation and made some housing deposits, and I learned that I actually know the guy who runs the anime club there! In my mind I was like "Ok, I am SO going here." and then that opinion jumped up a couple notches cause then I learned there was a Best Buy and Target near by. Yes! I also learned that the Fine Arts department is hiring an animation professor, which I would LOVE to study. All kinds of animation, not just American or Japanese. It would be so cool if I could major in that. Oooh, and then win Oscars for best animated feature! *Red's Ego Bubble expands tremendously*

I haven't watched Adult Swim in a few weeks, and I was kinda upset I missed Stargate Atlantis on Firday. Poo poo. But it seemed like a weirded out episode anyways. Next week's episode seems better. I've re-read like every fanfic three times at this point. I'd put another picture up, but you know, I'm sure it's just getting tedious for all of you.

I'll get to GB entries soon, I promise. I realize I'm like a week behind.

I've also been getting some REALLY weird PMs, lately. I don't know if some people are trying to be funny or if they're just stupid, but unless PM's conating the word "*twitch*" or just don't have a purpose stop, I'm going to stop reading ALL my PMs. So, sorry in advace to the people that write sane PMs. I'd put this message up in my intro, but all the banners took up the limited space.

Dude, I so want this outfit.

"Jimi Hendrix deceased, drugs. Janis Joplin deceased, alcohol. Mama Cass deceased, ham sandwich."

Ah, the perfect quote for It's Been a While Week. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Haha, good 'ol Wallace and Gromit. We were talking about them in geosystems today. No end to the fun in that class. After we made fun of a fat guy strapped down in a wind tunnel on the hurricane video (WAY too much fatty flapage around the face), we pretty much did nothing. Turns out someone knows someone whose uncle is THE Bill Nye! We were all like "Oooh, make him come in, and then we can make all those stupid sound effects while he's talking!"

I've still been reading Stargate: Atlantis fics non-stop. I don't know how many of you are into the miracle of life that is fan fiction, but I know alot of people (myself included) who are REALLY into when their fav character gets hurt. I have no idea why this is, it must be some weird gene. Anyways, we usually call it character angst, but they have a special word for it in the SG:A section: Character Whumping. Haha, that's great. So, I think that the Sadistic Stalkers and Torturers of Elves, Bounty Hunters and ounty Heads could be fervent supporters of Character Whumping. I don't think 95% of THAT members realize this, but THAT was brought around by Dark P's fanfics that includes loads of character whumping. It still brings a tear to my eye.

Ok, enough of the mushy THAT memories.

I won't be around at all tomorrow and probably most of Saturday (NOOOOO, I'LL BE MISSING STARGATE!!!!), cause I'm going down to Norfolk, VA, to one of the colleges I got into, spending the night with a person I don't know, and doing crazy college-type things. I don't exactly know what yet...Hrm, should be interesting. So in the meantime...

Wow, been a while. I lost .2 lbs in the past week. Not alot, but at least I didn't gain none. So today, my special food is...

Assorted Smart Ones deserts! yum yum, pie!

Well, it was the Grudge. But I'm going to make this week "It's Been A While Week", meaning in every movie, something's been forgotten and realized later, or a person has had amnesia, or been in a coma. So you know, whatever.

"It's the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can't do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin."

That's pretty good to start off "It's Been A While Week", eh? I think so.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Wednesday Post, Part II (The part that wasn't posted at 1 in the morning).

Well, I finished my paper. It's not good at all, but I knew that before I started, considering I did like NO work ahead of time. I ended up getting about 45 minutes of sleep. I got up to eat brea-kast and give my paper to my bro. My mom was like "Well, you're pretty chipper, for an all nighter." and I was like "Oh, that's the adreniline talking. I got 45 minutes of sleep!" As an epileptic, lack of sleep is NOT good for me. 8.75 hours of sleep in 72 hours is not good. But I stayed home to sleep and woke up at 1:45. And then I watched Naruto 121. All I'm saying is, all those guys better live, or I'm ditching it right now. And Kiba's mom's wolf buddy with the eyepatch is SO cool. I wanna see him in action. Course, I'm wondering who the Hell's gonna kill Sakon now. I'm also wondering why Sasuke's little Pet Taxi is on fire.

Haha, now just imagine that's a barrel and put Sasuke in there, with alot of smoke. That's basically what it is, a Pet Taxi. Anywho...

Last night at 4 AM when I took a break, I decided to make a new segment. Ready? It's called...

I think it has a nice ring to it. Anywho, we'll start off with...

Joe Flanigan, from Stargate: Atlantis, of course! (Don't worry, this obsession won't be continuing on my page for much longer. Glad you think he's hot too, Mireiyu!)

wOOt, Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Star Wars! And also Blade Runner. But he wasn't Han in that.

Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas in the 5th Element! Probably one of the more underrated movies of all time. I mean, c'mon, it has Gary Oldman in it! You know, the guy with the plastic plate on his head.

Spike as himself, from Cowboy Bebop. Dubbed or subbed, he's still one of the best Sci-Fi guys out there.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I'll remember more later. I'm going to get a snack now, and then I'm going back to bed. Tata!

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Wow, it's been a while, ne? What was that all about? Anywho, I won't have time to explore/answer PMS/do the GB tonight, cause I got a mondo paper due tomorrow, which I'll take a break from by writing this post. I've been looking for an outlet all week, since the mO wasn't workin. Even yesterday, people were getting on and I wasn't. So I pretty much passed the time by reading LOADS of Stargate:Atlantis fanfics. Yep, on Sunday, I read them from 11 AM till 1:30 PM the next day, with like bathroom, snack, and math breaks. I was one of my dear Canadian junkies would say "Wow, obsessed much?" So in between that, and trying to get the valentines cookie crumbs out of my keyboard (hope you all had a Happy V-Day, single or not), I did this paper, and have gotten no more than 8 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, so I'll probably go to school to turn in this paper, then come home and sleep. I'm not really up for precal, spanish, and clarinet anyways. So I'll visit your sites later. Oh, but first I found the coolest picture of my Hot Sci-Fi Guy, Major John Sheppard from Stargate:Atlantis. He totally rocks.

Haha, is that the definition of 'cool', or what? Wow, I'm surprised I remembered how to put in an HTML code. I also got Naruto 121 downloading in the oven that is my computer, so I'll probably be feastin my eyes on that too, after a good 13-hour nap. Hmm, I'm debating whether or not to wait an hour so I can put this up at the start of the new day...yeah, I'll just do that.

*one hour later* Ok, so I've gotten a little more of my paper done, ut not nearly enough. Huh, for some reason my "[" key is extremely bouncy! [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ fun to press! See kids, this is what caffine at 12 at night does to ya. No quote today, but it WILL return! Until then, catch you kids later.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

   *waves sheepishly*

So....I know I haven't been around for a while...ok, the whole week. I don't even remember the last time I came. Which is a bad thing. But I've been really busy with precal, parents, AP Journalism...it's been Hell.

I have gotten a little bit of respite, though.

1. I saw Bleach 18 and Naruto 120. Man, how tricked out was that Two-Headed Wolf thing Kiba did, eh? No offense to Inuyasha fans, but I bet he could kick Sesshomaru's ass! Yeah ha!

2. Snuck into the basement Friday night to see one of my new fav shows (though I don't really know for what reason), Stargate Atlantis. I even got a little obsessed and read all these fanfics. Man, people in the sci-fi genre know how to WRITE. As opposed to say, and anime or LOTR section of ff.net, where only about 55% of the people can write a good story, these people were at about an 85%. So, kudos to you if you write sci-fi fanfics. I know this is a cheezy picture, but he's pretty good-lookin for a guy on a Sci-Fi channel show, eh?

(Oh, and one of the main characters is a super-annoying Canadian!)

3. Got my Ultimate X-men number 5. Not as good as I was hoping it'd be. The Ultimates (like a tricked out version of the Avengers with Iron Man, Cap America and Thor, among others) vs some of the X-men. Iron Man got his ass kicked in the first two minutes of the fight, and other than Wolverine's ass-kicking (before he was shot full of bullets by Cap...who knew Cap would do such a thing?) you didn't really see any fights. Iceman came back though, which was cool. I wanna get the next volume, yay! If anyone has Ultimate X-men volumes 6-9, I'll trade you for some DNAngel DVDs!

(Look, another Canadian!)

4. I also found out today that some of my Real Life friends (you know, people I DON'T meet on the Internet) come visit my site once in a while! So here's a shout out to them! Yo, Shawn and Lauren! All otakus give a shoutout to Shawn and Lauren! They're so cool.Shawn burns Green Day for me. And Lauren feeds me.

I've also been really tired lately. Cause I've been staying up late, for really no apparent reason. So anyways, I'll forgo the RMMQ because it's 1:30 in the morning. Ok, so, I'll get to the GB entries and PMs when I can, but not tonight. Probably this weekend. Ja ne, everyone, and thanks for visiting!

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Monday, February 7, 2005

   The week ends, the week begins...

First off, I just want to thank everybody for their reall nice comments. It made me feel special. Not special in a special education way, but special in a Hellacool way. So thanks again to everybody for making my day.

And for the Patriots making my day! I think Bruscki (sp?) should've got MVP, but defenders never get it. Shucks. Which brings me to my next couple of qustions:

In your opinion, what was the best play? Worst play? Best commerical?

Personally, I liked the TD play where Brady was lookin left, left, left, then at the last second, threw his arm across his body to the right to hit the open player for the TD. That was nice. The worst was where the Pats tried to fake a hand off and fumbled for an Eagles recovery.

My favorite commercial was the FedEx/Kinkos one with Burt Reynolds and the dancing bear. That made me crack up.

Besides commercials, there were also some very good movie spots, such as Constantine, Batman Begins, and War of the Worlds. I think that's the first form of any kind of trailor for War of the Worlds. In all the pictures and previews for that, I still have't seen ONE alien. Oh well.

That's pretty much the only tv I've been allowed to watch, though I'll probably stay up late friday and saturday nights to see Stargate Atlantis and SG:1 reruns (I'm interested in those things now, plus that Atlantis guy is HOT, did I mention that?) and [AS].

Right now I'm updating from the (very loud) library in my school before i go home to do mountains of work. Bleh. I guess I'll reformat all my Cowboy Bebop cds to put on my iPod so I can sit in the den with truely an eccletic mix of music. Maybe my Ultimate X-men comic book I ordered last week will come, too.

Today in government AP class, our teacher gave us a piano concert, and then one guy played his guitar all period. He played lots of DMB and Hootie and the Blowfish, plus some awsome songs he wrote. It was the best class ever. I have the biggest urge to download some guitar ballads now. Good thing I bought that "Study On Your Own" AP Government book, too.

Once I'm not grounded anymore, I'll rent this.

"The whole time I was in that house I felt something was wrong. What happened there?"

Ok, no more sports week. I hope everyone's doing well. Oh, and if you didn't know, the title of the post is from the DMB song. Learn it, damn it!

Ok, peace and music grease!

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Dun, dun, duh-nuh...

Yeah, I'm basically a dead cat. I ended up failing precal for the quarter and my parents got EXTREMEMLY mad. You probably won't see any of me during the day time anymore, with minamal blog updation. So sorry if I don't make it around around to most people's sites in the next three weeks (My time of groundation). No tv, or any of that stuffo...

I DID get to see Without a Paddle. It pretty much was really lame.

I also saw Bleach 17. TOTALLY ROCKED! And we come to a turning point in the series as Ichigo shall experience "The Cruel Tutalidge of Sandal-Hat." That should be fun.

My tongue's not swollen anymore.

Sorry I'm kinda down today, but you know, I am.

Go Pats. They're gonna win.

Hope you all have a good superbowl. Sorry I'm not in a spunky-enough mood to give you a quote or pictures.

Peace and football grease.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005


Yesterday, some of you may or may not have noticed that you couldn't see any of the posts on my site, and some of you even took time out of your busy scheduals to inform me. I thank you for your concern, but my site was just having technical difficulties, due to me accidently erasing part of the html code. Once again, many thanks to Petie, who helped me fix it in my moments of panic.

Back to the day at hand.


I woke up today with a swollen toungue. At first I was kinda panicky/excited. Panicky, because what if it was that weird disease that killed kids in college...what's it called? Starts with an M...I don't remember. Excited because if it was, I'd get out of school and a free ride in an ambulance, and they'd quarentine off the school.

No such luck.

I think it was just an allergic reaction to those Fat Free Lays made with that O'Lean crapola. So I was a little panicky when those weird little white flakes on the back of your toungue started rubbing off...but I'll take a benadryl and see how it is in the morning. Moving on...

*Sad music plays* I think because I haven't been doing this for a while, it's had consequences. I gained pound back, but that also might be because my Aunt Flo came to visit, if you know what I'm saying. Anyways, today's food is...

It's a Diet Coke with Lime-thing. But seriously, it tastes way better than regular Diet Coke. Maybe not as good as cherry or vanilla diet coke though.

Aww, weren't they cute? And they played in Darth Vader's/James Earl Jones' backyard! I want James E.J. to by my neighbor!

"When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back."

Tell ya what, we'll just extend Sports Week right up through Sunday to keep in the spirit, k? Sounds good to me. Now my Sunday challange is to not pig out and gain more weight. MUST...LOOSE....

Allright, peace and sporty grease!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


I have a bone to pick with you D.N.Angel fans. I just bought the second volume yesterday and watched it...WHERE THE HELL IS THE ACTION?

I mean, why do you people watch this? Don't give me that "Dark and Krad are HOT!" I don't buy it. That can't be the only reason. And Krad wasn't even in the 2nd volume. Making the complete conflict with the main baddy on the backburner. And only 3 out of 4 eps on the disc even featured Dark. So, if you think I should keep watching the series, let me know right away.

In the meantime, I had to watch 7 episodes of GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA to put my mind at ease. Now THAT is a a great (and severly underrated) anime. And I'm glad I finally watched those DVDs. I kept forgetting. Thanks again, SG!

Haha, ghosts and panty theives.

I also picked me up some Ultimate X-Men comics to further widen the gap between anything action and DNAngel. I'm on volume 4. They've published volume 9, I think. I have some serious catching up to do. Hooray for Amazon.com's used book sales! And speaking of comics, if any of you read JLA, skip volume 15, The 10th Circle, cause it is ultimate CRAP. The vamps don't even look real. I mean, the mummies that were in the Flash comics are more convincing then those things were.

I also picked up and read (not bought) a Teen Titans comic. I now know the origin of Raven! Wanna hear? OK!

Well, a long long time ago, Raven's mom was mistreated by her parents. Real sob story. So anyways, she ran away from home. Her parents didn't care and they never saw her again. So anyway's, once the mom ran away, she ran into some weird church-like place, and was suckered into joining a cult, who then tricked her, and made her be the host of the devil's child. Yep, a freaky devil. You remember that one Teen Titans episode where Beast Boy and Cyborg got stuck in Raven's head and she had to fight her father? Well, no joke, that was the Devil, and he looks like that in the comic, too. So anyways, the mom gave birth to Raven, but was not allowed to touch her and from Day 1, Raven was brought up to control her powers by the cult in the hopes that she and her devil father would rule the universe or sommat. But I guess around age 17 or so, Raven decided that her dad was too powerful, so she tried to go to the JLA for help but they wouldn't listen to her, so she went to Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Wondergirl, Starfire (give or take a few others like Kid Flash and Arsenal) and voila, The Teen Titans is born to fight evil Dad, not once, but 3 times.

So anyways, the comic I was reading that in talked about how Raven had gone crazy or sommat and now was scarier than her dad, so I put it down and bought that X-men comic. But anyways, now you know the origin of Raven (well, those that decided to stick this through and read it) and I do to, and I feel much better!

The best race ever.

"You know, if my dog were as ugly as you, I'd shave his butt and tell him to walk backwards."

Unfortunatly, once again the movie people have decided to ruin a great movie by making a crappy sequel. Yes, if you know the quote, then you now know that there is currently a sequel in post production.

So anyways, hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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