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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

   A Slice of Life: The Week of the 7th
Dun dun dunnnn... Family vacation is coming up for me. We leave on next Monday, as in the week of the 7th. We would've gone this week, but what with the 4th of July, we were simply too busy and it'd be too noticable if we were gone.

So, as a heads up, I won't be here the week of the 7th unless I find a computer I can acess to in whatever hotel we'll be staying at.

The vacation, as it were, has not inteded plot. My mom and dad have decided that we'll just pile up in the van, go somewhere, find a hotel, and hope for the best. Sounds awkward, if you ask me. A whole week in the car with my two sisters... Great. I can't wait. I actually can't, because the only way for me to stay off the computer is if I'm not in the house. AND I NEED TO GET OUT!! No offense to anyone, I just need a break...

But I will get those contest entrys done even if it's the last thing I do! Promise. ^^"

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

   A Slice of Life: Rain, rain, come again another day!
Jeez... around my place it's been raining A LOT. Now it is sunny, but last night was rough. The wind was really hard, blowing the rain everywhere. This resulted in our pond getting almost over its water level. And our power kept on going on and off; so my computer had to be shut down. I luckily got to sleep through all of the thunder and lightening, though. So I'm still charged and optimistic.

Panic, as frickle as it may seem, arose at summer shcool of course. With only three days left, you'd think this kind of weather could've waited until we were free. But no. The power went out of the shcool-no, the whole town lost powe-for about ten minutes. The kids were placed in the cafeteria, all chattering and being loud. Me, I was taken aback because well, I couldn't use the microwave to heat up my Hot Pocket! So while everyone else is freaking out about the weather and electricity, I'm all like: "I CAN'T EAT MY LUUUNCH!!" Boo. They laughed at me, too!So I had to eat the school's food... yuck. Chicken patty wasn't too bad though, I must say. So basically to say school was a bit hectic.

So, yeah. It rained cats and dogs all night and this morning. It was kind of funny though; last night my dad was outside under the porch roof cooking up steaks on the grill for supper. My poor dad got wet. I love that guy... He's such a dork, though, honestly.

Aside from flooding everywhere, everything's all good here. Rather comically so far, if you ask me. I guess my optimism could tell you, 'Life is still good'. ^^"

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

   A Slice of Life: Almost Free!
Well, I technecially have three more days left of tutoring. Then I'll have more summer to look forward too.

I'm kind of ticked right now because the internet at school is being stupid, and I've figured out a way to get around it (of course) but I can't seem to get to links. Hopefully they'll fix the problem soon...

Speaking of summer school, I only have another few minutes until the bell rings and I have to go to the safety program, other than that, I'm just posting right now.

I've been debating for quite a while now on whether or not I should buy Final Fantasy III for DS. Since everybody likes FF so much, I figured I'd might as well try it for myself. I'll have to find somewhere where I can find it cheap, though.

So, as of this Friday, I will be free!!! Yay!

That's all I wanted to say.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

   A Slice of Life from Yours Truly:
Well guys, time for me to finally post! I've been awfully busy, which makes me really tired... and I can't wait until the 27th. Why? Because I'll be free of tudoring at summer school and helping with a saftey program! Yes, it's given me good experience and all, but I'm tired. I know I'm complaining, but I get up at like 6:15 every morning; now in the summer for me that's like a quarter to dead.

I mean I haven't had hardly any time to draw, except for when I draw for my sister, who's writig a story. So I draw her characters. And my little sister is watching the series M*A*S*H. It's hilarious.

And Friday was werid. For breakfast, all I wanted was ramen. I had a craving for it... for some reason. For summer school tudoring, though, I got to go to the swimming pool. I got the back of my legs sunbured, because I forgot to put sunblock on them. I also got my scalp burnt... it hurts to comb my hair there now.

So other than being sleep/drawing deprived, and a little sunnburned, I'm doing fine! ^^

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