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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It seems i have no choice but to find a minion. (sorry only one)
And because i'm lazy and don't wanna send PMs to people the lovely application(ha ha yeah right) form shall be put here!!!
Application form!!
this isn't even an application form...just a do you swear blah blah thing.
1. Do you swear not to change the e-mail of this account?
2. Do you swear not to change the password?
3. Do you swear not to delete the account?
4. Do you swear to only give out hugs on this account by signing guestbooks and nothing else? (in other words no comments whatsoever)
5. Do you swear to keep count of the hugs given?

...that's it.
Oh and if you feel like changing the site's background and stuff you may do so as long as it stays hug or friendly love related.
And just for random stuff type stuff about yourself (no lies!!!).
Copy and paste and answer in a PM to me and i'll see who i'll choose later when i get back on. (which may be a while so be patient!)

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