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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Final exams this week
I had chemistry first. It wasn't too bad.

Since my friends and I don't have 0 hour, we didn't have to be in our first class till 11 but we still came during regular time to hang out with each other. ^^ We were just bored and I started recording our conversation.

Yeah, random and stuff...

I love my digital camera, I got it a few days after Christmas, my dad ordered it online. ^^ When I first brought it to school, I took alot of pics of random people I didn't know when they weren't looking.

I'm not a stalker. I'm an artist. XD

It was alot of fun, and kinda easy, 'cause I can turn my flash off and zoom in and all I have to do is act like I'm just messing with the settings and not just staring directly at the person whose picture I'm taking.

Here's a pic of the campus:

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Isn't the lake/pond pretty? Alot of people say it's polluted though. But I've ducks and turtles and some fish in there sometimes. Either way, I wouldn't recommend jumping in it. Not unless it's the last day of school, I can imagine a couple of my friends doing that, since it's the last day, they wouldn't get in trouble at all. XD

Well, I'm gonna go now everyone. Goodnight and have a nice week!~RaineDrops

EDIT: I have cosplay pics up on my other account, VillageIdiot. ^^

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