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Friday, May 6, 2005

Because the world is not perfect, that's what makes it so beautiful.
I had a great day today! ^_____^

I'm sorry for complaining so much yesterday, minna-san! I didn't think I'd have a good time sitting next to Evan but I was wrong! I felt a lot better than before, when I was feeling really nervous about having to sit next to him. It went...pretty well...even if he did just talk to me two times... ^^;

And I looked directly at his face...TWICE TODAY...uh...I don't feel so good anymore...

During PE, Michiyo was telling a story (while we were playing wall ball) and then I just realized someone was behind me, and when I turned around I looked directly at Evan. @_@;;;

I guess he could tell we were all confused about why he walked into our court, so he just said, "Because I want to play." His smile looked really goofy to me, cause I had never looked at him up close before. And he has braces. *sweat-drop*
Still, he's soooo totally kawaii!!! X3

Well, I found out Evan wasn't at this school last year...no wonder I never noticed him....

I'm in such a good mood! ^_____^

I didn't think History would go well at all, but in the end everything went way better than expected! I can't stop smiling. ^____^

Umm....what else? Oh yeah...I just realized the idiot at my school Rika is a complete poser. She says she's "evil" and that if I think I'm as evil as her, then I'm wrong. Yes, I know I'm not "evil" and from the way she acts I'm glad I'm not as "evil as her". :D

Jeez, I thought people who go around screaming, "I'M GOTHICLOLZ!!!111" were bad, but Rika is a walking example of a poser. >_>

I read a really good post today about stereotypes, so that's why I brought up the matter...plus I wanted something to talk about...I think I really am gothic after all. I just wanted to read that thread cause I was still a bit confused about being a punk and whatever, but...uh...heh... o_o;;

Evan is so cute when he smiles! Sorry, I just had to say that. xD

Okay, well...umm...the quote I used today was said by the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang! *clap* Um, yay. xD

Ack...I just remembered...Michiyo told me to ask Evan out...but I just can't do that! And now she's going to "hook Evan up with me", or at least she said something like that...man....I should have watched her more closely...when we were walking to 6th period...she said, "I'll wait for him outside the class."


I don't know if she got the chance to ask him or not, but I hope...I'm not sure, actually...one part of me is saying, "Thank you! Thank you!" while the other part is saying, "No!! Don't ask him!!! Please!!!!!"

I'm not really sure which side to go on. Well, I hope something works out...I'm just feeling really nervous... >_<;;

I don't know how Evan would take it...I don't want him to deal with anything too...uh...problematic...he should stay carefree and happy, cause that's when he's the cutest! xD

Oh man...I think I'm getting too optomistic again...I think it's okay now, though. As long as I can get better at expressing my emotions...then I'm fine with anything. ^_^

Dude, I could totally turn my life into a shoujo manga or something. xD

Later then~

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