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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Come on, pierce through my chest made anxious by love...
Cleave apart the memories of those faraway days with your hands
End the breath of sadness
Come on, pierce through my chest made anxious by love

Looking at the sky in which the tomorrow will come, I don't know what to do with my heart that is only lost
Birds by my side flew away- I wonder if they found light somewhere

Come now, won't you let me ride on your back, too?
Then keep far away from the kindess that I deserted at the highest place...

Lyrics are from Melissa, the first opening to FMA...and I don't care if I already used it!


WHY'D THEY KILL HIM OFF?! HE WAS SO FREAKIN' POPULAR!!!! HE WAS...HE WAS.......dammit, he made me cry when he died. T_T

And...and....man, he left behind his family too....STUPID ENVY!!! STUPID CREATORS OF THE SERIES!

They just HAD to kill him off in the Anime and Manga version...

*kicks Envy and the creators of the series*

*goes to rant somewhere else*

Okay...now that I've calmed down...I can see that a lot of people were crying/were sad during last night's episode of FMA...Well who wouldn't be? They killed off a frickin' awesome character. -_-

I'm angry and sad at the same time. STILL AM.

And he was Roy's best friend...hey wait, does this count as ranting? Uh....*thinks of something else to talk about*

...I don't actually have anything else to talk about......oh yeah, I have to finish my reading log today...

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