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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Smile only at me and touch me with those fingers..
I was so happy, you were laughing
With a smile that melts everything away

Spring is still far away, inside the cold earth,
Waiting for the time to sprout

For instance, even if today is painful
And yesterday's wounds remain
I want to believe that I can free my heart and go on

I cannot be reborn
But I can change as I go on, so
Let's stay together always...

Okay...I admit it...I'm running out of song lyrics...this time it's from Fruits Basket...it's called "For Fruits Basket"...

Yeah, I'm depressed.

Evan doesn't want a girlfriend...he doesn't want a boyfriend either, just to let you sick minded people know.

I swore I wouldn't get depressed. I said I wouldn't feel hurt even if he did say no. Even if he considered me nothing more than a person...but I ended up feeling more depressed than I thought I would...it's like...how Daisuke felt when Risa just called him a really good friend....

I don't want to be a burden on my friends and have them keep worrying over me...I don't like that either...but I can't help it.

All those times I believed he liked me...even if it was just a little...I was just dreaming something that could never happen...now what can I do about my story? It's the total opposite of what I've kept experiencing. I guess I'll just have to give up on it...but then another part of me says to keep trying, or just wait a little longer.

He's like a ripple in the water...you can get near it, but then it always pulls away...and it's impossible to catch.

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