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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Even though we were so close together, the twilight has a different color now.
We were so close together, but the twilight has a different color now.
The abundance of kindness only keeps a distance between us.
Our coldly ignored hearts are wandering in the midst.
If this awkwardness is what it's like to live,
we shall close our eyes under the cold sky.

Even though we were so close together,
We can't even get a word across between our increasing distances.
Even though we were so close together, the twilight has a different color now.
Please, give us a quiet sleep under the moon light, if it is the last thing possible.

This time the song lyrics are from "Anna ni issho datta no ni" or however you spell that...uh, the Gundam SEED ending. xD;;;

Okay, I am never looking at another Fruits Basket song again. THEIR LYRICS ARE SCARY. >_>

Since I just woke up a while ago, I don't really have much to share...oh yeah! Yesterday's FMA episode was good. Scar is so cool! ;_____;

I don't like Barry though; at least, not in the anime version. The manga version of him wasn't as...bad? Well, he didn't die in the manga version anyways...

Next week's episode of FMA WILL MAKE YOU CRY. I SWEAR IT WILL. Well, unless you don't like him...*trails off*

Just looking at a picture for next week's episode almost got me to tears. The manga version of it did make me cry though...uwaaahhhh..... ;_______;

Okay, I think I said too much. Well, anyways!

Some stupid idiot who I blocked on MSN tried creating a new account and wanted to add me to his list again. Well, luckily something gave him away so I just blocked him again... -_-

Okay, I guess that's all...hopefully...umm.....I'll update again if anything happens...


EDIT: Oh, and a heads up for all you FMA fans; after episode 26 of Fullmetal Alchemist, Adult Swim is gonna start airing reruns at 1:30 AM (pacific) until like, September or something. I think they're planning on adding new shows, so yeah...this is NOT something to blame on FUNimation. They've only dubbed 36 episodes so far, and if we watched all 36 it'd probably be even longer before we could watch the rest, so be thankful.

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