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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Are you girl-watching with spectacles again?
Dude....eyes are freaky... o_O

My sheep eye's pupil was kind of squished...I wanted to see the "hole" too...

Anyways, I got to disect everything. My partners just listed down stuff on the worksheets.

It was gross, yet strangely awesome. The eyeball was really hard too, so it was difficult getting it open...and with SCISSORS... >_>;;

Lens: It's not...flat. Like I thought. It was actually this goldish-yellow, round, small...ball. It was shiny. XD

Cornea: Our cornea wasn't that transparent, it was hard too. We couldn't stretch it much. :\

Iris: It was gross. XD

Sclera: The sclera was really dirty...probably from freezing it and all the chemicals. x.X

On the inside there was this really pretty, colorful blue/green thing...it was easy to rip...and it was really, really pretty. XD

The smell was horrible though. I had a headache during the whole thing. @@

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