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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey boys/girls heyyyy <3
I'm not that vain.

Me: *fixing hair in mirror* God, I feel so vain.
Hana: You're gorgeous. You're allowed to be vain.
Me: Haha, that makes two of us :D
Hana: Shoo nigguh we flyyy.

lol. that happened today. i love hana. She's like the human form of confedence for me. I seriously don't know what I'd be without her. Haha, today when she came up to me she was like

Hana:Omg, Wendy you look great today! You look like one of those suicide girls :D
Me: Thanks? haha :)
Hana: Do you know who they are?
Me: I know the term but I forget.
Hana: Like those scene modles <3
Me: Oh yeahh. Me? Really? No way, my hairs not even fluffy.
Hana: Yeah you dick, MAKE YOUR HAIR GO FWOOM!!

Haha. I swear, she's the greatest <3

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