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Saturday, May 20, 2023

   This thing still work?
sora Pictures, Images and PhotosDoes thing thing still work? I haven't been on here since maybe posting something back in 2019. Not sure if anybody will read this thing but hey I got a tattoo today. And I've been vibing and I started watching Revolutionary Girl Utenta. I know I'm super late to that party but it's a great series so far. Comment if you've read this thing.
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Monday, June 17, 2019

Just seeing if this thing works.
sora Pictures, Images and PhotosJust seeing if this post thing still works lol. Also I probably should go to bed lol.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

   A very boring Friday and a little about my Disney World trip
sora Pictures, Images and PhotosToday was kind of boring for me for many reasons.Today seemed to much like a Monday than a Friday. The reason is I felt very tired today and very sleepy. I usually feel a little sleepy but not to the point to where I feel annoyed with everything. I also feel kind of depressed again. The reason is that I can't ride the bus home with Amanda anymore,due to the fact my bus was changed again. For awhile I was riding 551 and now I have to ride 648 again. I don't see the point in this change. 551 wasn't crowded even though we picked up 9th graders. My old bus was sort of loud but it wasn't crowded. I really don't like riding 648 because I have to sit by myself,there is a lady on there that sort of monitors us and she's sort of a pushover, I have to turn my music up,and I don't like not being able to talk to Amanda. Sorry for complaining so much,I just see the point in why I have to ride a different bus. I should be able to ride one bus the whole year and not have to change buses all the time.
Also I found P.E. sort of boring. The reason is that all we do in there every Friday is play basketball and volleyball or just walk around the gym. I thought it was boring because I couldn't listen to my mp3 player while I was walking around the gym and second I had no one to talk to. Lunch was ok other than the crappy sandwich I ate. I still wish I could sit with Amanda at lunch but unfournately she has 2nd lunch and I have 3rd. We all used to have 1st lunch but due to the new semester our lunches changed which sucks. I just didn't have to great of a day today and I had to write about it. I still hope that my dad comes through with the Disney World trip cause I really would like to go there again. I had fun when we went last time. I had alot of fun on that trip. I didn't have to go to school for a few days and also I got to ride some awesome rollar coasters like Space Mountain and Rockin Roller Coaster starring Aero Smith. I just had alot of fun at Disney World. One of the greatest things about was I got some cool souveniers and I got to spend some time with my half brother Luke. Like I said before,I hope my dad will come through with this Disney World trip. I really would like to go there again.

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