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Sunday, February 24, 2008

KYA~~~!!! XD
Hop! Step! Jump!



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KYA~~~!!! XD

What do you guys think!? XD Do you like my new layout!? XD Hiko and I worked very hard on it. X3 It's a little busy for my taste, but I like it. ^^ It's of course the anime "Shugo Chara!" that I'm totally loving right now. XD I learned about making layouts in preparation for my Master's lessons. And Hiko now has experience in teaching! XD

Darke said to go to my gb and scroll up and down real fast. XD

This layout's not the only thing that we've been doing though. This past week or so we've been doing a graphics exchange. XD I chose an image, Hiko chose another image, and we both made wallpapers out of them! XD I chose Hikaru from "Magic Knight Rayearth" and Hiko chose Syaoran and Fay from "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles". ^^ My wallpapers can be found here. And Hiko's are here. Take a look if you have the time please. X3

Hiko's just a great friend. X3

Stepping away from the good side of the post... T.T I'm at uni now. It's a quarter past 10am (of the 25th)... T.T *sigh* I don't want to be here. T.T There's just so many people. T.T Especially people I'm scared of. *looks around* It's getting loud in the computer lab...

BUT this is my final year! XD I'll be out in the real word this time next year. X3 I'm really looking forward to it. ^^ I have to work very hard this year (mainly coz my grades from last year wasn't so good XP). This means I shouldn't come online much. T.T Sorry. T.T

My student card was about to expire so I had to get a new one. T.T And it's been sunny for a few days but decided to go all cloudy today. T.T

And the uni computers suck. >.< It's big and the keyboard's loud. And the MSN's incredibly old! I can't see or use emoticons and I don't think I can talk to anyone appearing offline. T.T And I don't have YahooIM! Sorry Hiko. T.T

*sigh* Anyway, last night I had to go to this family birthday thing. Here's a group pic. You can meet my family. ^^


From the backrow (left to right) is: Lee, Rodney, Kim, Ilgaz, Satoru, Shiraz and me (Asya, in case you didn't know).
The front row (left to right) is: Kodie, Ezel, Maya, Mark and Elton.

Elton is Mark, Lee and Kim's father. Mark is Ezel's partner. Ezel is Ilgaz's older sister. Ilgaz and Satoru are my parents. (unfortunately, that makes Ezel my aunt...) Shiraz and Maya are Ezel's daughters (therefore my cousins). Kodie is Kim's son. Rodney is Kim's fiancˇ¦.

(Note that I'm the shortest there. T.T)

The only people we're missing in the pic are Shiraz's two children, Justin and Lydia. We're also missing Shiraz's ex husband, Victor, and her current bf, Ali. And Maya's bf, Alo, isn't there too. We'll be missing Maya too, since she's going to move to LA in April to be with Alo. T.T

It was Mark's birthday, but since he and Ezel will be away on holidays in March, they decided to celebrate the March birthdays on the same day. So we celebrated Elton, Kim and my parent's birthdays too. Though I have to tell you, none of them wanted to clebrate. It was all my aunt's evil ideas. XP

So yeah, that's all the family here in Australia. ^^

*yawns* I'm sleepy. ^^''' I went to bed at about 2am and woke up at 6:30. ^^''' But the lack of sleep was worth it. XD I got strenght to come to uni at about 1:30am, so I was able to get out of bed. ^^ And though I'm scared about classes, I think I'll manage. X3

So anyway, this is long enough so I shall go. XD


[Edit] I hate this uni!!! Someone get me out of here!!! Help!!! [/Edit]


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