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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Long post. X3
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Open Heart!
Hello~! *waves* I know my site look weird, but I took out the
post box so that you can see the pics I'll have up later in the
post. And I'm cutting the sentences at the side so that
TimeChaser-senpai can read the whole thing without having to
copy and paste it onto Word. *nods* The link's below each pic
is so that he can see the whole thing. ^^ I know that it's a
total pain when the new IE cuts off sites when they're too wide.
^^' Oh and it's a long post, so don't complain about it later,
coz you're being warned now. XP

Last night my parents were out, so I was alone at night (yey!)
but dad came home in like half an hour (damn). But in that brief
amount of time I was alone, I got a call from my grandmother saying
that she's back from her holiday. Which I knew nothing about! O.O
Grandma thought she told dad, but apparently not since he didn't
say anything. She said she's alright, home and safe, etc. And
when I hung up the phone, I started to worry that grandma
finally lost it. >.< Her memory's going. She's going senile! >.<
She went to Hawaii alone (she lives in Japan) without telling
anyone! OMG! What if something had happened to her? Then dad
came home and... he said he forgot to tell mum and I... So
dad's apparently the one losing his memory. >.> ... As long as
grandma's fine. Heh heh heh. XD

On Monday I went to the city to buy manga. XD But I thought I was
losing my mind. o.o None of the manga I wanted was in the store.
T.T So I was browsing to see if I could find anything else and...
there were a few good manga but... I didn't want to buy them!
O.O!!! I seriously thought I was losing it. >.< But then, I
found "Hotel" and "Root Paradise". Phew. Now all is right
in the world again. ^^

"Hotel" is by Ishimori Shotaro. A mangaka legend. Some of his famous works
include "Cyborg 009" (my favourite manga of his), "Kamen
Rider", "Goranger" and "Kikaider". Oh and in the
Wiki site, his name's Ishinomori. It was apparently the fashionable
or something for mangakas in 1986 to have "no" in your name, so he
changed it... o.o Anyway, "Hotel" is another brilliant manga by
him. It's about a hotel called Platon, and the story is about
all the different things that happen in there. Some of the
episodes are about the people who work there, the rest is about the
guests. Vol 1 had episodes about celebrities, affairs, politics, a
room where no one checks out, weddings, robbery, parties, over
booking, Christmas, New Years, the war... and I'm sure I missed
a few stories. Anyway, this series has everything! Tragedy,
suspense, romance... And well... a bit of ecchi... But I have to
admit, in today's standards, the ecchi is in this manga is really
funny. XD I really enjoyed Vol 1 and looking forward to reading
Vol 2, which I've already bought. XD HOWEVER! Since there is ecchi
in this, I'm going to say it's 18+, so kids, don't touch it!

"Root Paradise" by Koji Kumeta is, unfortunately, another 18+ manga.
*sigh* They really should stop packing the manga in a plastic
bags in the book store. I should work on my vocab more too. It
says on the front cover "cabaret" and I didn't know what it
meant... Go ahead, say it. I'm a naive idiot. >.< But I don't
regret buying it. XD (which is more than what I can say for the
manga "Last News" I bought on the same day) The art on this manga
is adorable! It's a little stiff and the characters are borderline
anorexic, but it's still cute! Here's the story synopsis that's
on the front cover:

"Haruhei Sakura entered in a cram school. Then he fell in love
with a girl who also goes to the same school. She is a daughter of
a millionaire, but queerly works part-time job in a cabaret. He
wishes her to quit the job and hope she will intent on studying
for entrance examination of college with him."

Horrible grammar, right? WRONG! Compared to a lot of the
Japanese's English, this is damn good. Anyway, Haruhei, a studious
guy, comes up with schemes to try and get Natsuki Aoyama (the
cabaret girl) to lose her job by running the bar out of business...

I just realised something on the back cover. This is bad. Really
bad. >.< And I thought the person who wrote the English was pretty

"Onry for boys & girls"


*a tumbleweed rolls by*

O.o Hey tumbleweed! Don't you work for Darke!? O.o

Anyway, if you thought the
English on the cover of "Root
Paradise" was bad, you should check out this website. Engrish.com They have a
collection of hilarious stuff written by non-native speakers.
Now, please keep in mind that non-native speakers of English can
speak English very well too (like me. hehe) but these people are
the exceptions. Heh. So by all means, laugh at the
funny "Engrish" on this website. XD But not at non-natives. *nods*

Here's an example of the type of pics you'll find there:


Feb 5, 2008

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Ervine.
Found at Japanese ski resort.

The Japanese above the Engrish reads:

"7. In case you are trapped in the elevator, please contact the
outside with the intercom (phone) and calmly wait to be rescued.

With everyone's proper manners, live a fun life..."

And the rest is cut off by the sign. ^^'

Anyway, ZOO PICS! XD Today I'm featuring the Aussie animals. XD
You know how on my last post I was talking about conservation?
Well, some animals are taken back to the wild if it's same enough,
and they're healthy enough. ^^ There were definitely more
kangaroos the last time I went there. *nods*








Emus are native to Australia. If you're thinking, "I thought they
were native to Africa?" then you're thinking of ostriches.
That's these guys:

If you can't see a difference, take a look again. ^^'''

Well this post is really LONG, so I'll end it with a random
question. ^^

If the human mind was like a CPU, what would you uninstall
from your brain, and why? Also, what would you install in its
place, and why?

I'd uninstall my lazy personality. Coz I don't need it,
and I really need to work hard in uni. I'll install some
confidence. Coz I really need that. ^^""" *sigh* I wish life
was that easy. XD

By the way, I have "Shugo Chara!" spoilers!!! XD *yells spoilers
out and runs off*

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