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Friday, February 8, 2008

Hop! Step! Jump!



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Open Heart!
Heh heh. I should post. X3 But once a week isn't that bad. XD

Ok so in the last week... Mum's friend was moving houses and I went to help out, since my body wasn't in too much pain. But then it started to hurt after helping for about an hour. T.T That was Friday, and by Monday I couldn't take it anymore so mum took me to the doctor. ^^' Turns out I hurt myself pretty bad, so I have to go again on the 14th. T.T But I'm looking forward to that. XD On Monday, the doctor (not my usual one coz she was booked out) only had enough time to fix my neck, shoulder, spine, ribs and pelvis. And I still need to have my knees and ankles fixed. T.T I'm supposed to take walks and stuff, but I can't do that when my knees get stuck and it feels like I have acid in my legs. >.<

Anyway, you don't need to know about my aches and pains. ^^'''

It's been raining a lot here. Some areas have been flooded, others didn't have electricity... I haven't worn my shorts since last week, so it's not my fault. >.<

And I'm not going to post all 180+ pics from the zoo. x.x Not all in one go, anyway. ^.~ Hehe. And of course, I took out the post box so that you can see the pics properly. ^^ Hm... I think I took off more than I wanted to from my site. Oops. Oh well. XD

EternalParadise said "but theres something that i always didn't like about them is it ok to cage these wild animals for our personal gaping and gawking?" Awww. ^^ That's so true. I don't know about all the zoos around the world, but don't worry about Taronga Zoo and the other zoos in Australia. It's all about animal conservation here. ^^ The animals there were either injured or orphaned or something. They all have a reason to why they can't be out in the wild. Taronga Zoo's filled with conservation information and boxes for donation. So a zoo's not all about people gaping and gawking at animals. ^.~

Let's take the Fishing Cat as an example. This Fishing Cat was injured, and the vets had to amputate his front leg. T.T You can't really let him go back to the wild, can you? That's what a zoo is for. To keep animals like these safe and alive. This Fishing Cat was amazing. He climbed that high with only three legs, and also looked very comfortable and confident up there. Er... Sorry about the out-of-focus pic, but that was the best I could do, since I wasn't allowed to use the flash. T.T



Also, tigers (my favourite animal!!!) are on the road to extinction. T.T By having them in zoos, the tigers are kept safe and away from poachers. Also, they'll hopefully feel comfortable enough to have babies, which would increase their population. Honestly though, I'd prefer it if all animals were back in the wild, but that's not going to happen until it's safe out there. T.T Dumb poachers...


Oh and while I'm at it, how cute are these lion brothers!? XD


The bum of a snow leopard. ^^'


*sigh* I really wanted to pet a tiger... Maybe next time. X3

Oh and by Hiko's request that I submit stuff to TheO, I made a wallpaper and submitted it. I don't think it's up yet, but yeah. XD
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