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Friday, February 1, 2008

   OMG! It's February already!? O.o
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So how long has it been since I posted? ^^''' Sorry. T.T

Um... I don't have much to say... I'll write about the whole roller shoes thing once it gets sorted. ^^' Kinda don't want to think about it now. Heh.

On Sunday I went to the zoo. Kya~! Cute fluffy animals! XD It was all I can do to not kidnap a tiger. ^^''' I have over 180 pics, so once that's sorted, I'll post them. X3

There is one interesting thing though. I can control the weather. XD No seriously, it's really weird. ^^ Was it last month? Yeah I think so, anyway. ^^''' It was so hot and sunny here I decided to wear shorts. But I couldn't find a pair, so I found one of my old pair of jeans and mum cut them for me. XD Into short shorts. XD Soon after, it started to rain... A few days later, it was really hot and sunny again, so I wore the shorts. And soon after, there was a storm. >.<

See a pattern? XP

On Wednesday, it was really hot and sunny so I wore the shorts, and then it got really cloudy. So I thought that maybe it was just a coincidence, since it didn't rain. And the next day (yesterday), it was sunny and hot again, so I wore the shorts. It started to rain again. x.x But then it turned into a full on storm! >.<

It was raining this morning too, so I wore jeans and it stopped! O.o

What have we learned from all this???

My legs have powers. X3
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