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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Australian Open at 3am X3
Hop! Step! Jump!



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Photobucket I'm sorry. ^^" This became an all sports post, so don't force yourselves to read the whole thing. ^^"""

I'm really not sure why I'm posting. But oh well! XD I've been watching the Australian Open a lot lately. X3 It's strange coz I'm not much of a tennis fan... But it's just so fun to watch Marcos Baghdatis play! XD He's 22 years old and from Cyprus. X3 He injured an ankle about an hour ago, but he's still going! It's amazing. XD He seems so experienced despite his age. Really giving the Aussie Lleyton Hewitt a run for his money. X3

I don't like to watch Hewitt coz he's so unsportsmanship-like. >.< I know that's not a word but yeah! XD The screaming, tantrums, complaining and the profanities just make it painful to watch. ^^'

Baghdatis is turning me into a tennis fan. XD Kya~!

Luna loves it too! She sits in front of the TV and tries to catch the ball, and sometimes even the players! XD I think she has a thing for Roger Federer's bottom. O.o

No~! A commercial break. >.< Get back to the match!!!

Oh yeah, I'm a total tennis fan now. ^^""" But I only like watching the men play. The whole "court fashion" of the women just kinda annoys me. >.< How can they play with those large dangling jewellery? And those fabrics! Urgh! You can see all their sweat! It's all aesthetics and not enough function. What did those designers learn at school!?

I want to scream and yell at the TV now, but my parents are asleep so I can't. T.T At least I'm not watching soccer, coz then nothing can stop the screaming. ^^""" Awww I wanna watch soccer now. XD I haven't watched it in a while. T.T

It's so sad that we don't get most of the sports channels! It's too expensive... But I wanna watch soccer and volleyball. XD

Kya~! Kya~! I'm over excited now, even though I haven't had any coffee! XD

Oh a challenge. XD I love that part about tennis so much! The players can get a computer to see whether the ball was really in or out. X3 Coz you now, umpires are only human. ^^" I wish they'd use that technology for soccer! There's too much rigging and "controversies" going on these days. T.T

You know, I really should end this here. Coz I can seriously just go on and on. ^^""" I should get back to paying attention to the match anyway. ^.~

Oh and since the last time I posted, we had two giant cockroach attacks. ^^""" Just a little non-sports fact for those of you who survived this long with the post. XD

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