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Monday, January 14, 2008

Ow! I was hit in the head by the posting bugs telling me to post! x.x
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After the giant cricket, there was a giant caterpillar and two giant cockroach scares. *shudders*

My mum had one of her regular migraines from Thursday till Saturday. T.T She's been in bed a lot, which means I get more time for myself... but... T.T I've been helping out as much as I can in the kitchen. But mum won't let me help any more than that coz she thinks that would make her a bad mother...

And mum's down with the flu since yesterday. ^^" So I had to do more work in the kitchen. Which I don't mind at all... Except for the extremely dry burgers, bland soup and little er... mishaps. ^^" The worst though is my back. >.< Washing the dishes really screwed it up. T.T So I'm in a lot of pain right now. T.T

The pain's for mum. The pain's for mum. The pain's for mum...

I gotta wonder... When did I get so weak? O.o I know I haven't been able to exercise (or dance T.T) for a few years coz of the joint problems, but I didn't think that it would affect me this much. T.T

Good news though. X3 My doctor said that I can do as many strengthening exercises as I want now coz my body's improved a lot! XD (apparently not enough to wash dishes, but a lot none the less) But I'm not allowed to push my body over its limit. T.T Which I love to do! T.T

Anyway! I went to the city on Friday. XD I wasn't going to go, so that I could look after mum, but she insisted. T.T Well, I got my Nakayosi (monthly shoujo magazine), Nakayosi Lovely Special Winter Edition (quaterly magazine), The Truth of Rurouni Kenshin (a collection of essays), Rurouni Kenshin novel, The Complete Guide to Kinnikuman (I'm so happy about this one! I found it at the very back dark corner of the bookstore which I've never been to coz I was too scared to go. ^^"), Eureka Seven manga vol 2 and Eureka Seven DVD 1 with collector's box. X3 Those things were so heavy to carry around! x.x Hehe. XP

I think I'll go to bed now (it's past 1am of the 15th). ^^" The back ache's getting worse around my right shoulder. T.T I'm also in a little grumpy mood coz of the pain. ^^" Which is why I don't have any of those little cats in my post. ^^''' Sorry. T.T

Oh why shouldn't I use at least one? XP

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