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Friday, February 1, 2008

   DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!! [meghen]
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today was amazing. i love my boyfriend. he bought us dogtags with ournames and the date that we started going out ^ ^
we are goin toget marriieddd!!!! :D

i hate my first period teacher. hes such a friggin loozer. so yea. hes like 0345742734 years old. and he talks to much.

my step dad has to work for the next 4 nights!!!
OH YEA! lord.
i looove this stuufff:

i am to hyper for my own goodd!!
i need some requests for drawings.
i have nothing to do for the next weeeek.
im off from school and i need something to do.
MEGHEN when you read this keya darling, call me.
i want to spend sunday night ands monday night over at yo house GUUUHHH.
ill call you in a little bit.

as for everyone else:
leave me some comments; messages; REQUESTS.


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