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Sunday, February 18, 2007

AAAHHHH!!!! does anyone else on this site think that we should boy cot boys??????? ya well i do maybe if we all became lesbians life would be easier(just kidding) ya well does anyone(besides keya) remember wen i told you about me dating my bf joradn??? ya well to make a long story short,
he told me that he still loved me, while dating his 3-month girl friend, and to who it may concern, i believed him. bad move. lies, it was all lies. Or at least thats what i believe now.
for all details, pm me and ill tell you, but ya he wasnt breaking up with her for me.
Ya as much of a dead give away as tht should have been the light bulb didnt go off. so i told him that he had to chose. he got piiised!!! so i said forget you this is ridiculous and im not doing it anymore. He got more mad. Before all of this happened i really liked his freind mitchell. well come to find out mitch really liked me too. so after me and jordan's blow out about chosing, mitch asked me out(mitch didnt know bout the thing with jordan), and of course i said yes!!! ya well now jordan hates me, and we curse each other out on a daily basis. all because im going out with mitch...the only problem is, is that i love jordan...alot, but i dont want to!! and ya...help!!!!

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