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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

so long greatness
well my favorite band just decided to break up and that started me thinking, getting old sucks. I'll be 23 in just over a month and all the bands I like are ether gone or just suck now. MXPX was good till they went for the emo blink crowd half the Ramones are dead and just about every other band is so caught up in getting off with overly emotional dribble that all there music is just self-rightous proclomation of how there better than everyone who dissagrees with them.
I cant take much more of this sure hippie-protest rock was good in the sixty's and seventy's but come off it at least back then we were losing troops by the thousands a week sometimes day.
rage was good til they got onstage naked and stood there with pant on there chest for a hour and perl jam was good till all vedder could talk about is how stupid right wing christian are and now every ones a dumbass for not beliving Al Gore about global warming when he make boring doc with out dated info, come on people stop going over dooms day masterbation and interlectual thought orgys and start thinking for yourself.
in the 1970 all of the know science hierarchy were about the slit there wrist over global cooling cause the summer in some unknow area of some place that know one really thinks to care about got a little cold.
ok looking back I see I started to go off on a tangent that by the looks of it is starting maby piss some people off but really I hate getting old and I want to like my job with out some freak telling me how underpaid and evil I'am for working for a company that Pays some kid in india or where ever to make some shirts. I like those shirts and those kids are under paid not me.
sorry another tangent, well if you get how all these are connected with each other you understand my mind better than myself so take it easy and don't look too deep or you might go insain

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