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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

well heres a update so leave me a comment please!
I leave for washington on the 25 at 5:30pm! and I'll be there for five days! and I my friend is getting married on the 27 then His girlfriend will show here true colors and reveal herself to be karos the dark lord and I will never see or here from him again! wow that would suck!
ok I finaly got a real day off today first one I've had in about a month so it felt good to take a small break before I started to get some Christmas shopping done. people do not shop in California. Its just not worth it there are just too many people here in my small little beach town there are over 175,000 people here thats just Oceanside. There's Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, and Encinitas here also! well take care and merry christmas!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

IT all in!
well I getta go up to Washington for christmas... sorta
I'm leavin Christmas day around 5pm or so and Im headin back new years eve at 9am woo hoo
the reason is that my best friend is getting married on the 27 so I getta be the best man (its not as fun as it sounds) and well it kinda weird. all of a sudden Im finding people my age with kids and stuff getting married and the like.
really that just kinda snuck up on me. I realized that I wasn't a kid anymore when I went to a bar (that being the first hint) and all of the 80s songs I knew, even the ones I did'nt like, and all half the girls there had kids at home. it was really wierd.
for those of you who read this and say to your self
"so, whats the point"
the "point" is that I feel old
and my friend getting married is not helping maby I'am I just might become that wierd old guy that watches anime in my 40s and will still think Azumanga is one of the best shows ever made
I'll get fat have cheeto stains in my clothes and talk like I'am the all knowing athority on anime
or not who knows I hope to be that old guy at the skatepark who can tell the kids what it was like to be around back in the day, you know. If any of you skate respect the old guys. One day you'll be one and they can show you how to rip when you can hardly walk.

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Friday, December 1, 2006

hey what happend to pillowsrock and katocool? dude a day would'nt go by without ether of em posting and now its been almost a month.

but onto other thing Ive had some time to record some scratch track I'll post something on my site when I get a mp3 converter so myspace will take them
oh! Merry Christmas! its december 1st so I can start saying that now! I love Christmas! its is my most favorite time of the year but down here in cali its a bit different than up in washington and tis getting to me a bit I miss the cold I really do coffee is just not the same if its not 2degrees outside (thats what it was in my old town last nite!) and I really wanna go snowboarding but Big Bear is just now putin out the fake stuff there has been no snow down here yet. but its getting to the low 30 at night here! so I feel some comfort!

well take it easy all!
heres a nuhh~ for ya

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Im bored....
its 11pm where im at and I cant sleep and theres nothing on tv some one entertain me. or I could write a short story. or not. or yet. or not.or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not.or yet. or not.or yet. or not.or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not. or yet. or not.
ok that took up 20 seconds. so maby i will write a short, short story

sitting alone can really get to me.
go to a park or a bus stop and sit. Sit and watch the people go by.
Do they ever stop to notice you?
do they care what you might think of them?
No. they don't care cause they too are watching everyone else as they go by
looking out for themselves and keeping themselves entertained.
the more you look the more you relize that we are all like grains of salt in a pile of sand.
sure we are different. but theres too much sand for anyone or anything to notice.
If we were sifted though like a old time miner sifts sand for gold, we would just as easly
fall like the grains of sand.
But keep watching the people. Watch them and see what they do.
Running end to end looking for some way to find distraction from what they are.
some people wear gaudy clothing other listen to loud offenive music and some do both.
but what are they?
With out there toys they no better then the rest of us.

Now look further, past what you can see. You hear storys of children dying in the street. you feel sad, but Then you go on living your life. you still listen to your music and drive your car.
deep down we all relize what we are.
We know that when someone dies every one else just goes on living
when a loved one dies we feel sorrow for a time then forget that they were ever there
when tragity strikes a nation we get angree but in time the emotion subsides and we forget what
we were just moments ago crying out for blood over.
I hate sitting alone. It drives my mind into thoughts I would rather not go to.
I want to forget my past I would love to remeber only the good memorys
keep my life the way I want to remeber it.
But the greater issue here is, Those people with there toys
are just keeping themselves entertained till they die.
And they know it.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Everbody loves pie!
its true, and I ate a lot too. Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, apple pie, and pumpkin pie again!
oh and there was turkey in the mix too. also I got a full day off too so I was able to get my laundry done! so now I can wear a totaly awesome trigun shirt my bro got me! it the black one with the wanted poster on the back. I love it so, also I have clean underware witch is always good cause they kinda stink after a couple of days but im sure you life would have gone on without that little tid bit
needless to say i finaly had time to get some things done that I was well over do.
oh ya go here

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It has changed!
yep I changed my style thingy'ness!
notice the new colors and happyness of the site! it has Awsome allover it!
and did you notice that I use ! alot! I like ! its fun!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Its 1:00am!
yep and I gotta get up in six hours and work for 12 or so.
so Im wasting time waiting to fall asleep.
Oh! for those of you in the know. I'm getting my recording stuff up so I should have a song or one up to my music site. oh and I don't think you know what that is so here ya go
check it out tell me what you think

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Final Fantasy III
I got it. I love it.
final fantasy III came out for the DS daybefore yesterday and I got that day and i love it
Its good to be able to play a classic style RPG on the go for my DS and this is a really fun game I could go on about this but I find myself with out words so I won't

other than that Ive been workin alot
Im pullin a sixday week at dominos and I still have Walmart in the mornings so I have been cheatin on my sleep lately but really money is good to have I whole heartedly sugest everyone get some! it pay bills buys you games and most importantly gets you anime rich lush anime.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

I gotta update I gotta update
hey there everybody!
well its was a rather mundain day so theres not much to talk about.
I went to work (walmart) and I was there for four hours. Then I went home, watch tv played my guitar, set up some recording stuff (so I have something to show for hours upon end of slowly destroying one of God greatest gifts to man.) and then I picked up my neice from school like I do everyday. Then we went to my moms works and bugged her for a bout 30 min then went to the comic book store across the street
I like that place they have Robotech books from before I could remember! they had the Sentinels, Macross, Next Gen, and some that I never heard of!
but all there books where sealed it was kinda gay.
even new manga was sealed so you could'nt browes at all I mean come on Im not gonna pay 10 buck for a book if I got no Idea that I'll like it or not, come on!
Then we went to the mall. there I found Blood: The Last Vampire for 9 buck! and I then I bought it.
so guess what, its new anime day!!!!!! yeah! woooooo Yah!
but not really cause I've seen it a bunch of time so its new as in I legaly own it now and not just a downloaded copy pirate!

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

   this was a unproductive day!
yep I took a good day off today!
I went over to a co-workers house and played World of Warcraft. that was it, all day that was it and it was good. I finally got a full day of today after the whole "holloween" thing really who wants to work from 10 to 10 on a holliday even if I don't car much for it I still want to have a chance to get out.
but I digress.
today was good and good was today. Thats all I really have to say oh ya new bleach is out now also so if you can go get it!(I like that show)

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