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Friday, April 2, 2010

I don't know why Im so emotional today...could it be that its that first year anniversary? I thnk its that, but mostly due to tha fact that its THAT day and Im all alone. I keep listening to love songs, I wish you were here to hold me.. I wish we could reminice on the love you showed me. I dont wanna feel lonely-I dont Wanna Be Lonely:Brown Boy
I remember, and then i told you my secret {message 10.23.insertyearhere} that i had been keeping from you. and you, you who are so calm, cool, and collected, YELLED. Looking back, i should have been scared.But i wasnt. I was in my room crying for you. I was far too shocked to think straight.
You made me explain my lie, part through part. Like I said, Im looking back. A part of me, it still squirms when I re-read it... I kinda wanan cry. Like I said, Im emotional; I dont wanna fight no more,why we wasting our time? we makin somein outta nuttin n we dont why.I just wanna be with out shawty-Jon Young

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