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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

   Last day of term!!!


It's finally the last day of the term!!! And all we have to do is 5th, 6th, and 7th periods.

After 7th period, there's chai time, then we get to go back to the dorm for dorm clean-up. I signed up for the kitchen (big mistake), so I have to clean all of the dishes in the cupboard, scrub out the fridge, the walls and the stove, the door, and clean the windows.

This vac, I borrowed the movie Porco Rosso from my anime loving teacjer, so I'm going to introduce it to my parents, who I actually think will like it.

Of course, before I can go home to Mombasa, I have to stay at RVA for this mission conference. Of course, the only thing that I'm looking forward to is the fact that we get to go to Village Market, that's like this really nice mall in Nairobi, I've even heard that they sell anime books there, so I need to go check it out, as well as go Christmas shopping for my family. Well, gotta go pay attention to class, hope our teacher doesn't ask me any questions, cuz I think I'll fail them.

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