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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

   Pretty good day today...

Sooo... yesterday our friend's freezer broke down, so we got a whole stack of steaks, so it's steak last night, and steak again tonight! XD (I can DEFINATELY deal with that! ^^) Ummm... I went to bed at exactly 3:30 this morning, (watched "Frenzy" last night) and slept till noon, then I got up and walked around town till I had to go to the gym at 4. Then I marinated the steak, and man it's gonna taste good! XD

Ummm... nothing much else... reading "Cannery Row" by Steinbeck, and I've been playing Mafia wars on facebook like nothing else! Better get in all the internet time I can today for tomorrow (I guess there's gonna be a huge virus going around tomorrow... happy April 1st eh? o.O)


1. Have you ever tried to delete your Recycle Bin?

2. Have you ever gone door to door for the heck of it?

3. Is anyone doing the 30 hour famine?

My Answers

1. yah... didn't work though... TT.TT

2. well, planning on doing it tomorrow for 30 hour famine...

3. yah, but I've only got $70 so far... I've got a LONG way to go...

Queen of Sheba

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