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Thursday, August 21, 2008

   Oh yeahhhhh... XD

Hey there everyone! Sorry for not being online for so long, but I just spent one of my best weeks ever on the coast! Sadly, we didn't bring the computer, and there was no internet connection anyway, so i couldn't go online. A lot has happened this week, so I'm gonna try to remember it all...

My brother proposed to his girlfriend on the beach... that romantic devil! XD The house we were staying at was one that I had lived in for a while before, but now belongs to someone else, so the new owner fixed it up, and now it looks FANTASTIC!!! XD We were able to be there during the full moon, so the tide was at it's highest, and we had a great time in the waves! We also met these really cool guys who are runners from Northern Kenya on their vacation to the coast! ^^ They didn't know how to swim, so my brother was trying to teach them, but the water was really hard to swim in... I mean, you could be walking on the beach, and a wave twice as tall as you would come and knock you over... o.O It was pretty savage, but lots of fun! XD

I found a lot of beautiful shells, and we spent our last day in Mombasa in Old Town! I bought a whole bunch of key chains for my friends in Canada, and a new bag for school. We had a great time, and ate lunch at a restaurant called "Island Dishes", so I had a big plate of Chicken Biriani (a sort of chicken curry on spiced rice) It was REALLY good! ^^

We took the train to the coast and back, and the funny thing was that we managed to be on the same train there and back again with this German family we met. That was sure a coincidence! XD The train trip back was more strenuous though, and Marcus was kicking up a fuss a good part of the time.

Well, there's a lot more to tell, but that's basically all I can remember... ^^' Sorry it's so scattered and out of order, but I should have a kept a journal last week... there was so much to remember!


1. Where is your ideal vacation spot?

2. Would you rather vacation in the mountains, or on the beach?

3. What book are you currently reading?

My Answers

1. The Kenyan coast, or Italy or Greece.

2. on the beach, any day! XD

3. "The Hunchback of Notre Dam" by Victor Hugo.

Queen of Sheba

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