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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

   4 DAYS!!!! XD

Yay! My countdown continues, and now it's only 4 days till my brother gets here!!! XD We've been deciding what we're gonna do when him and his girlfriend get here, so we're getting all hyped up! XD

Today we ran out of gas in the stove, right in the middle of me making lunch! *cries* It was ramen and egg wraps, so we had to microwave the ramen, but couldn't eat the egg wraps because I had to scramble the eggs... *cries* I guess I'll have to make them when we have gas again...

I'm already on page 15 of my manga, and it's actually looking really good! Sadly, there is so known scanner nearby... so I'll have to figure that out later... (I'm only working on the rough draft too... I've still got a ways to go...)

After lunch, my mom and me headed up to play on the zipline today! I must've been feeling more confident, because I pushed off harder and almost killed myself when I hit the end of the line! (the bar I was sitting on flipped up, and the tow rope got wrapped around the supporting cable and almost dehorsed me coming back! o.O (I know it sounds confusing, but it was intense!) It was fun though!

After I went down the zip-line a bit more, we went down and had a visit with my former dorm mom, so we had a nice cup of chai (Kenyan tea) and a really great visit!

So yeah, I've been checking up on colleges and universities, and I've finally found one that I really want to attend! It's in BC, and it is so huge, and beautiful, and has some of the BEST looking art classes I've ever seen! XD However... it's also savagely expensive... so I'm gonna have to get a few scholarships... which is a pitiful subject at my highschool... *depressed*...


1. What is your dream job?

2. When you go to the carnival or midway, what is your favorite ride?

3. What are you planning to do once you get off the computer?

My Answers

1. a mangaka!

2. It's where they hook you into this harness thing, and it turns you upside down and sideways, and spins you around, and stuff! It's so much fun!!! XD

3. Work on my manga some more!

Queen of Sheba
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