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Monday, August 4, 2008

   5 DAYS!!! XD *dances around*

ALRIGHT!!! XD 5 days till my brother gets here from Korea!!! XD I'm SO EXCITED!!! *jumps up and down* He's been teaching in Korea since last January, and I haven't seen him since Christmas, also, this'll be the first time our entire family has been together! ^^

Last night we had another Jr./Sr. movie night, so we watched "The Mummy Returns", then I borrowed "The Gods Must be Crazy" (1 and 2) so I'm all excited to watch them! ^^

I read some more horror stories last night, and I've been working on the rough draft for my manga too, now I've got about 12 pages done! XD My mom read it and loves it, and my dad want to see how it turns out... though I don't know if that's a good thing or bad... o.O

OK, today was a manga day, so I'm reading "W Juliet", "1/2 Prince" and "Vampire Knight". *cheers* I LOVE Vampire Knight, it's one of the best mangas EVER!!! XD "W Juliet" is a new discovery for me... I find it rather depressing how the guy is more beautiful than the girl... *cries* What is this world coming to? o.O

I only got one question from my last post from Grif 2.0, so here it is, and then my answer:

"If you had to choose between your bestfriend orrrrrr a lover who would you choose!?!"

... I've never had a lover before, so I don't really know! ^^'


1. Have you ever seen "the Gods Must Be Crazy"?

2. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, which one of you confessed?

3. Is #2 too intrusive? (sorry if it is...)

My Answers

1. You bet! XD One of the BEST movies EVER!! XD

2. No, never have...

Queen of Sheba

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