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Friday, August 1, 2008

   Weird day...

Man, today was really rather a strange day. Even though I fell asleep at 2 am, I was awake around 8 am thanks to my brothers screams. (He's almost 2, and is paralyzed, so I don't blame him, what 2-year-old can stand being stuck still?!! o.O) I almost fell back asleep, but my mom was doing laundry today, so she invaded my room and pushed me out of bed to wash my sheets... meany... TT.TT

My day basically started like that, then I invited my friend over to watch "My Fair Lady" with me, but she showed up 1/2 and hour late, so we watched "the Revenge of the Pink Panther" instead. ("My Fair Lady" was just too long...) She went home for lunch, then I made a batch of nacho chips for our lunch... the main course was pitiful Kenyan hot dogs... oi... they're so weird that after they cooled off, they shriveled up like raisins... XP

After lunch I started to feel droopy again, but I forced my dad to take me up to the zip-line. After the zip-line, we walked around and looked at the cool Kenyan trees, then went home where I fell asleep on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. That's when I had some weird dreams about a dinosaur living in our laundry room... o.O... I have no idea why...

OK, after I woke up, I had spaghetti with my mom and dad, then went online, and here I am. I actually just finished taking some pictures with me and my brother, so I think I'll post it for y'all... when I figure out how...


1. How do you get the URL for a photo in "My Pictures"? Do you have to post it on photobucket or something?

2. What's your favorite kind of pudding?

3. I am so out of questions... so can you ask me one?

My Answers

2. tapioca and chocolate! (not together though...)

Queen of Sheba


can't visit anyone right now, I've gotta go watch a movie with the family... but I'll try!

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