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Thursday, July 31, 2008

   Worst cold EVER!!! TT_TT *sneezes*

Ughhh... *coughs*... oi, so sorry for not posting lately, but I've got an absolutely AWFUL cold! TT_TT It started Sunday night, and has had me knocked out since then, except for on Tuesday night when I attended a movie night with a whole bunch of friends (the movie being "the Mummy"), and I ended up with an even worse cold! Oh yeah, I also got out of the house Tuesday afternoon and went with my friend to play on the zip-line at the Titchie Swot playground (Titchie Swot being the domain of all students from Kindergarten to 6th grade) Even though the zip-line is in such an unimpressive spot, that doesn't mean that it's just for little kids! ^^ I've been wanting to get back up there to play on it since, but my mom is keeping me in the house in case I worsen my condition again! *sneezes and blows nose*

Anyway, here's my answers to last posts questions!

From Tsubasachro: "If you won a years supply of one food which would you want it to be?"

Heh, probably dried seaweed! ^^

From Effie-San: "Do you want me to make you a layout?"

PLEASE!!! ^^' It would be greatly appreciated! I'll PM you to tell you what I want it to look like... if that's OK with you?

From Twists of Rain: "I'm not good at questions! =/ Uh... What's your... Favorite color? XD"

BROWN!!! XD As well as peppermint green!

From Alphonse13: "well since you've been spending time in Kenya, What other country would you be interested in spending some time in?"

Most likely either Italy, Korea, or Japan! (as well as Scotland and Sweden (my ancestors' countries)^^

From Ezel: "where can we download death note episodes?"

Uhhh... I know you can watch it for free at; www.pisoga.com, and you can download at; www.deathnoteanime.com.

My Questions

1. What is your favorite "toy" (for lack of a better word) on a playground?

2. What is your favorite Walt Disney movie?

3. What do you usually do when you're sick?

My Answers

1. You can't find it in a lot of playgrounds, but currently, I think it's the zip-line at my old school!

2. Either "Beauty and the Beast" or "Tarzan"! XD

3. Sleep, read, and play solitaire! ^^'

Queen of Sheba


I've been working on a couple manga ideas lately, and have even started a rough draft for one. It's not an original story though... it's based on a short story called "the Inn" by Guy Preston... would I get in trouble if I posted it on myO?

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