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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   Ahhhh.... wonderful sleep-in! ^-^

Hello y'all! XD Sorry for not updating yesterday, but I was in Nairobi with my dad, and when I got back home, I had to help my mom prepare for some dinner guests, so no internet yesterday... TT_TT (XD, JK! It was a good day!)

OK, to begin, me and dad finally got to the matatu stage (matatu: the most popular form of transportation in Kenya, a bit like a van that is supposed to only hold 14, but can hold up to 24 if you try hard enough...) we got in and were finally off to Nairobi. It was about an hour trip through the African country, and when we finally got to Nairobi, my dad and me got out at the bank and found that the ATM machine was busted (BIG surprise!!! *voice drips with sarcasm*) so we had to catch another matatu to go to the bank downtown. When we got in this one, I was stuck in the back, and the seat I was on had no back, so I was really trying hard not to fly out the back window... ^^;

Anyway, we went for Ethiopian food for lunch, and got our usual; a mixed dish and sheklah tibs. The mixed dish is filled with a whole bunch of different wots, (ground meat stews with a WONDERFUL spicy flavour, Doro Wot being my favorite; the hottest kind there.) there are also different kinds of vegetable dishes. The sheklah tibs are basically grilled small pieces of goat meat, with rosemary and REALLY HOT green peppers! XD The food is served on a big platter, and everyone eats off the same dish, and the food is served on a really yeasty sort of flat bread, sort of like a sponge cake, the texture can easily be compared to the cake in a jelly roll, but it has a definite sour sort of taste, and man is it good! XD This is definitely my favorite kind of food ever, and me and my dad get it every time we go to Nairobi! XD

OK, enough about food. We finally got to Nakumatt (sort of a Kenyan version of Wall Mart, only smaller, hotter, more cramped, and with a lot less selection.) We did our shopping then went to Bata (Kenya's version of "Payless") and I got some new shoes, since I had to tape the heals of my old shoes with duct tape to even be able to wear them!

So all in all it was a good day, we took another matatu home, and slept about half the way. Getting home, I was immediately put to work helping mom make supper (roast chicken dinner! *stomach growls*) Man was it good. We had a great time with our guests, and then I watched "Canadian Bacon", which is now my all time LEAST favorite movie! Man was it stupid!

OK, thank you for all the comments yesterday! ^^ I really appreciate it! I'm just really curious, I have NO idea how to change the theme on my site, or add a background, or even add music! I've been on this site for over a year and I still don't know how! *cries* Can someone help? Anyway, I'm gonna go searching on google to find someway to get a layout... when you're reading this, my site might look different... hopefully!


1. What is the last song you've listened to?

2. Do you live in a town, or in the country?

3. Ask me a question! XD

My Answers

1. "The Truck Got Stuck" by Corb Lund! A classic song! XD

2. sort of a little village/mission station... so I don't really know what to call that! ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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