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Thursday, July 24, 2008

   Korea Day!!! XD

YAY! XD Today is such a fun day! ^^ I woke up at about 9:00 and headed up to the school, since it was library day today, so I was able to return and borrow (got a book called "Haunts, Haunts, Haunts", a collection of short horror stories.) Then I headed down to the gym where a small group from Korea had gathered. They had come all the way over to Kenya to do stuff here with the station kids about Korea. So we got to sing songs, eat Korean food (yummy kimbop and noodles, but sadly no kimchi... TT_TT) then we got to make these cool mask things and play these cool Korean games. (some that included spinning a top with a tasseled stick, and another about knocking rocks over. Lots of fun! XD)

So yah, that has basically been my day so far... though I'm kind of sad that even though I make an effort to comment on everyone's posts, not a lot of people have been commenting lately... I dunno... it just doesn't seem to be very fair. (Thank you though to those who do, you know who you are! ^^)


1. What can I do to improve my posts?

2. What do you prefer to hear about in my posts?

3. Should I start adding more filler? (funny stories, quotes, etc.)

Queen of Sheba

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