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Thursday, July 17, 2008

   Thank you so much!

Man, thanks so much you guys for all of the comments yesterday, it feels good to know that my friends at myO can understand me. Sorry for yesterday's post being all depressing, to tell the honest truth, since that day I haven't been able to think about it, it's like my mind just blocked it out. It's really weird really, but at least I don't feel totally depressed... ^^'

OK, we're moving into our new house today, yesterday was dedicated to cleaning, as well as this morning, then we get to move our junk out! ^^ (Not really, we hardly have anything, everything I own can fit into a suitcase...) Thankfully we'll have the last family's stuff to live on and off! XD We're actually really lucky to get this house! ^^


1. What is the most depressing anime/manga you've ever read/watched?

2. If you could adopt from any country, what would it be?

3. What would you most likely name your son and daughter?

My Answers

1. Gilgamesh

2. Probably Ethiopia (we're already adopting from Kenya, so that choice doesn't work for this question... don't ask me why....)

3. Probably... ugh... I'm so bad with coming up with names... the boy would be Benjamin, and the girl would be Sheba... I think... at the moment... ^^'

Sorry for the totally retarded questions today... ^^'

Queen of Sheba

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