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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   My bad! ^^'

Sorry to everyone, I haven't updated for a while, so this is gonna be catch up time! XD

Ummm... to begin with, I've never found that idiot mechanical pencil... I never really expected to see it again. At my school, you basically have to put all of your stuff in a safe (or locker... ^^) to keep it from being stolen! My cousin got all of his art supplies stolen right off of his desk while he was just going to the bathroom!

In English, we finished our exams, and they were quite easy too! XD They were spread out over three days, the first day was dedicated to writing the actual test, and the next two days were spent writing a short story! It was surprisingly easy, and a relief to finish too! XD

Math is math... it sucks! Friday was pi day, because it was the 14th of the 3rd month... 3.14! XD So we got apple pie from our math teacher! XD

In mechanics, as I was putting my engine together, it wouldn't start when we finished, so we basically had to take it apart again to find out what was wrong with it. Apparantly, (after the carburator and fuel tank had been removed, and we had meticulously inspected the intake and exhaust valves...) I had forgotten to put a new head gasket on, so it was my fault after all... TT_TT

PE was fun lately though, we got to go bowling on Thursday, and Friday was just games. Fun, fun, fun!! XD This Monday we play broomball... I don't even know what that is... TT_TT

Friday night we had a staggette party for my cousin's, uncle's, fiancee! That was so much fun! We had a whole bunch of food, and my aunty made this realy good punch (by putting herbal tea bags into sprite! XD So YUMMY!) The guys were all at their stag party, and near the end of the party, they tied the groom to a chair with duct tape, died is hair orange with spray paint, and wrote "I love Gaylea" (his fiancee) on his chest! After that, they put him in the back of the derango (spelling?) and drove him to the stagette party! XD Then they lifted him up into the kitchen through the veranda door, right in the middle of the party! XD It was so funny!

This weekend was uneventful, thank God! My aunt, uncle, and cousins went to a Sportsman show (since they love hunting so much) and I got the house to myself. So I spent the whole time watching movies, eating, reading manga, and sleeping! XD

I called my parents just recently, and my dad is coming maybe this Friday! Sprink break starts this Thursday, so I get to sleep more! XD

Anyway, we're watching hunting movies right now, and eating monster bowls of popcorn! I've got nothing else to report...


1. What is your view on hunting?

2. What is your ideal weekend?

3. popcorn or chips? Why?

My Answers

1. I think it's a sport, trying to take down an animal with as little pain possible. Also, it gives food to eat, and furs to decorate and insulate the walls!

2. I've just described it!

3. popcorn, because chips are actually the worst thing possible to snack on, and you can put ANYTHING on popcorn! XD

Queen of Sheba

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