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Friday, February 29, 2008


YAY! XD Because of the flooding at our school, there has been no school yesterday, today, or tomorrow! Then we get the weekend off!!! XD I spent a good part of the day today cleaning... actually it was the whole day... I'm so tired, and my feet are so sore... yesterday and today were also dedicated to cooking! XD So yesterday I made a supper of fried chicken and roasted potatoes, and today I made a Devils Food Cake with carmel icing! *drools* Sadly, just as I was trying the cake, I realized that because of this absolutely STUPID cold, I can't taste a thing! TT_TT It's not fair!

Tomorrow I'm going to counciling, and it's also my cousin's birthday party, so I'll be busy tomorrow as well, but a good sort of busy I guess...

Anyway, here's my answers to everyone's questions from yesterday...

From Koon: Do you own a pet?

Sort of... my aunty and uncle own a black lab puppy called Cooper... whom I've sorta taken as my own... ^^'

From XxI Wuv PockyxX: What are the color of the socks you wore most recently?

Well... I haven't worn socks for a while, but I think they were white... boring I know...

From Tsubashcharo: Have you ever read the dictionary for fun?

Ummm... I've tried... ^^'


1. Have you ever seen American Grafiti?

2. Do you have facebook?

3. What is the style you most usually wear? (preppy, emo, sporty, etc.)

My Answers

1. I'm watching it right now! XD I LOVE this movie! XD

2. Yes

3. I sort of have my own style... it's basically comfortable, but looks nice, also, it's origins are a bit more gothic/punk... kinda hard to describe really...

Queen of Sheba

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