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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Catchup time... TT_TT

Whoops! TT_TT Sorry! I haven't posted for a while! TT_TT Sorry!

Anyway, to catch up with what has happened recently...

Last Thursday started the new semester... that was one of the worst days I've ever had at school... TT_TT The first period was Pure Maths, then I went to PE... after PE was lunch, and after that I went to the computer lab to go to my computer class. Unfortunately, the teachers had unknowingly changed the term length courses around, so I had to go to Career and Life Management instead. When I got to that class, they told me to go to the main office to change classes, because they had no teacher... o.O Anyway, I got to the main office, and a teacher asked me if I had attended morning classes... 0.0 DUH!!! Of COURSE!!! (I didn't say it like that, though it was pretty close... ^^') Apparently, they had also changed my schedule without telling me... so I had to attend PE again! I changed my other class to Mechanics, so now my classes are as follows; 1st block: English, 2nd block: Pure Maths, 3rd block: Mechanics, and 4th block: PE... so that's how it is I guess...

Anyway, the weekend was uneventful, and so was today, so that's how it is... sorry if this post is written weirdly, but my mom is reading to me, so my attention is split...


1. Have you ever read any books by Gregory Maguire? What books?

2. What did you eat for your last supper?

3.How many clocks are in the room you are in?

My Answers

1. Yes, "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister", and "Wicked" I'm gonna read "Mirror, Mirror" next! XD

2. Steak, roasted potatoes, peas, and carrot salad! XD Haven't eaten that good for a while! XD

3. 1

Queen of Sheba

PS! I've got some new wallpapers up! Could you please comment on them? I hate spending hours on a wallpaper, and then no one seems to care... TT_TT

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