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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   BOOO!!! School starts tomorrow! *gags*

OK, so semester break is over... TT_TT That means I start new classes tomorrow! TT_TT First block is Pure Math, 2nd block is Computer Tech., 3rd block is PE *gags* and 4th is English... TT_TT This should be interesting...

Anyway, nothing much happened today except that my mom and me went to my aunty's house. I got to back up a bunch of my files on their computer, since it's the only computer around that writes discs, and we ate a big ham, with potatoes and beans! Really very good! XD At any rate, my cousins aren't ready to go back to school either... TT_TT


1. Did you watch a movie today? If so, what did you watch?

2. What classes do you have?

3. How many aunties and uncles do you have?

My Answers

1. Yes, "The Education of Little Tree" it was so sad... but good! *nods*

2. 1st: Pure Math, 2nd: Comm. Tech., 3rd: PE, 4th: English

3. 4 aunties, and 5 uncles

Queen of Sheba

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