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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OK, so that's the end of anime for me for a while... TT_TT Last night, I was watching Scrapped Princess on www.pisoga.com, and unfortunately, I lost track of time and got to bed half an hour later than my mom set out. Also, I watched more anime than I was initially allowed... 4 episodes instead of 1... that means I don't get to watch anime for 4 days... TT_TT Oh well though, it was my fault, so I don't expect you to sympathize, but still... 4 DAYS WITHOUT ANIME!!! TT_TT

Anyway, to put it on a lighter note, I got an email from my brother in Kenya, he's with my dad and little brother now, and having a good time! After he's done in Kenya, he moves on to Egypt, and when he's done his travels through Africa, he's going to Korea to teach English! *hugs to all* my brother is so COOL!!! XD I wish I was allowed to travel like that alone... he gets to go to the places he wants to, and gets to be with the people he wants to be with... (his girlfriend in Korea, dad, and little brother in Kenya) But I'm always dragged around with mom and dad, or left behind to be bored to death... I don't know which is better, but at the moment, I want to go back to Kenya to be with the rest of my family... TT_TT


1. What other countries have you been to besides the one you're in right now?

2. How many lights are in the room you are in right now?

3. If you could be anywhere, where would that be?

My Answers

1. England, Qatar, Kenya, Kentucky, Illinois, Chicago... if states count... and all over Canada!

2. 5

3. Probably in Kenya with my dad and little brother

Queen of Sheba

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