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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   One down, one to go! XD

ALRIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! XD My Social Studies exam is now a thing of the past! XD the exam started at 1:15, so I got to sleep in really late. I was up late cramming last night, and cramming for the rest of the morning through lunch. When I got to school to actually take the exam, it took place in the gym, so they had a bunch of desks all over the gym. Embarrassingly though, there were no more desks in my class's row, so I was wandering around for about 5 minutes trying to find a desk with my exam on it... TT_TT Anyway, the exam itself was OK, but if I hadn't studied, I would seriously be SCREWED! ... so it's a good thing I studied! XD

Anyway, after the exam, I went to the art room to finish my clay project. The actual project is a box shaped like a suitcase with clothes and books pushing out of it. I was trying to glue hinges on it so I could open and close it better, but the glue I used got stuck in the hinges themselves, so I had to break them off today to clear up the works, and ended up just using a glue time, since it was easier then the other glue I was using... so, now it's marked and put up for display in the hall, so that is also a thing of the past! XD


1. Do you have an art class?

2. What is your favorite medium to use while doing art? (clay, pencil, inks, etc.)

3. Do your parents put time restrictions on your time spent on the internet?

My Answers

1. Not anymore, I'm done with last semester, so no more art next semester... TT_TT

2. Probably pen and ink, or just pencils...

3. you bet they do... TT_TT it totally sucks!

Queen of Sheba

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