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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

   The semester is finally OVER!!! XD

YAY!!! XD The semester is FINALLY OVER!!! XD Anyway, to answer everyone's questions on my post, The Rabbit Proof Fence is a movie about residential schools in Australia, where they took native and half blood children and sent them to these HORRIBLE schools. These events actually happened, and the movie is based on a true story of a girl who ran away from the school and walked along the rabbit proof fence in Australia (the longest fence in the world, used to keep the rabbits in Australia on one side, and the farmland on the other) It's really a very amazing story, and I love the movie! XD

Anyway, today ended a horribly long semester, exams start tomorrow, but I still get to sleep in! *victory sign* XD That really makes my day!

In Social Studies, we had to write a position paper, so I wrote mine about globalization's affects on identity. I think it actually turned out pretty good too! XD In Art I finally finished my clay project (a box shaped like a suitcase) I was gluing the hinges on, but the glue got into the actually bending part, so I'm gonna have to figure out how to open it... I hope I can... TT_TT

As it is, I'm still stressing for those exams, so I hope things turn out OK...


1. What usually stresses you out the most?

2. What do you have on your fridge?

3. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or none?

My Answers

1. Don't get me started, pretty much anything can get me stressed... TT_TT

2. a towel, school schedule, grocery list, and several other sticky notes, as well as a list of numbers; really boring actually...

3. none

Queen of Sheba

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