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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


OK, so here's today... (sorry, this will be a rushed post since I got home late and have to study... TT.TT)

Exams are coming up! Tomorrow is the last class day at school, then it's exams and finally a new semester... and I have NO interesting classes AT ALL!!! TT_TT It's so NOT FAIR!!! TT_TT

Anyway, I got to cook my own recipe in foods class today, so I made Chicken Jeera and Pilau. However, it was so hot for my classmates, they all had tears running down their cheeks, accompanied my cherry red faces... I was able to eat it without that expression, and all I can say is that it's lucky for them that it was Medium heat, instead of hot... ^-^ *nods* They still liked it though! XD

Anyway, today was my Granny's birthday, so right after school we went to her house, my mom made vegetarian lasagna with hamburger in it... (don't think to hard... ^^) and we watched the movie; "The Rabbit Proof Fence". It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went, unfortunately, I have to study late now... TT_TT It's still not fair!


1. Have you ever seen "The Rabbit Proof Fence"?

2. What is your dream birthday party?

3. Have you taken exams recently?

My Answers

1. Yes

2. I don't really know, since my last was when I was 11, I've never really had a real party after that... I don't even really know what people do at birthday parties while in high school... besides getting drunk, stoned, and layed... something I'm not planning to do...

3. no, they happen the day after tomorrow... TT_TT

Queen of Sheba

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